Let’s be honest from the start – there are cheaper options available than the Asus G14 gaming laptop. You can easily find RTX 4060 or even RTX 4070 laptops for a lower price, especially with Black Friday approaching. So why should you bother with the G14? Well, for starters, it is the most attractive and compact 14-inch gaming laptop on the market. Additionally, the CPU it houses is a serious piece of hardware that is not commonly found in budget-friendly models. Although the regular sale price of $1,600 might seem steep, you can currently purchase this laptop for $1,300 at Best Buy, a significant reduction that justifies its quality and value.

Having recently reviewed the Asus Zephyrus G14 (2023), I can confidently state that it is the best 14-inch gaming laptop available. The model I tested was equipped with an RTX 4090, an exceptionally powerful GPU for such a slim machine. While the model currently on offer comes with an RTX 4060, there are several similarities between the two high-end options. Most notably, they both feature AMD’s Ryzen 9 7940HS CPU, a remarkable processor with eight cores and 16 threads. This up-to-date processor offers excellent performance for all workloads, including gaming. Moreover, its integrated Radeon 780M graphics are power-efficient and suitable for games that don’t demand high frame rates.

Asus has managed to incorporate a plethora of ports into the G14’s small footprint. The laptop boasts USB 3.2 Type-C and Type-A ports, as well as a USB4 Type-C for high-bandwidth connections. Additionally, the inclusion of a microSD card reader eliminates the need for an external dongle. The keyboard and trackpad are also noteworthy features. While they may appear ordinary, the well-spaced keyboard enables easy typing, and the responsive trackpad avoids any frustration when maneuvering around Windows.

Although I have not specifically benchmarked this particular model with the RTX 4060, I have assessed other laptops powered by the same GPU, such as the Gigabyte G5. By referencing the benchmark numbers from that review, you can gain a rough estimate of the G14’s performance. Generally, the RTX 4060 should be capable of delivering high-refresh rates in less demanding games and maintaining a steady 60fps in visually stunning titles. Additionally, features like DLSS and Frame Generation enhance game performance in compatible games, courtesy of the RTX 40-series GPU.

To choose the G14 over alternatives like the RTX 4070 TUF laptop currently priced at $1,000, you would need a specific need for a more compact gaming laptop. However, it is still worth mentioning the G14 as a viable option. The sleek and compact design of the chassis is simply irresistible, and the rest of the specifications are equally impressive considering its size.

The Asus G14 gaming laptop offers a compelling package for those seeking a powerful gaming experience in a compact form factor. While there may be cheaper alternatives available on the market, the G14 stands out with its sleek design, premium CPU, expansive connectivity options, and potential for exceptional gaming performance. If you prioritize aesthetics, portability, and top-notch specifications, the Asus G14 is a worthy investment that will satisfy your gaming needs.


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