Look, I will admit it: I am not the world’s biggest fan of the Lord of the Rings series. Sure, I can quote it and appreciate its popularity, but to me, it was simply a dense series of books I felt obligated to finish in school. The corresponding films were entertaining, but nothing more than a lazy way to spend a Sunday afternoon on the sofa. However, my perspective took a complete turn when I recently came across Drops new artisan Rohan-themed LOTR keycaps available for pre-order. Even though I am not a die-hard fan, I now find myself considering purchasing these exquisite pieces.

Drop describes these keycaps as a celebration of the Rohan people and the places they have traversed in fiction. Yet, it is not the theme alone that captivates me; it is the sheer beauty and craftsmanship of the objects themselves. No longer can I rely on words alone to express my admiration. You have to see them to understand. Each keycap is essentially a mini diorama encased in resin, showcasing intricate details and textures. From the wood-textured facing horses to the glowing red hues of “The Red Day,” and the mossy textures and delicate flowers of “The Barrowfield,” the visual elements are astonishing. I am particularly drawn to the turquoise blue of “The Deepening Stream.” Words fail to do justice to their allure.

This should not happen. Over the years, I have convinced myself that I am a cynic, one who constantly raises an eyebrow in disbelief. I have prided myself on being immune to anything cute, whimsical, or twee. Yet, to my shock, something childlike awakens within me at the mere sight of themed keycaps. I should be ashamed of succumbing to such a seemingly trivial temptation, but I am not. I will not make apologies for indulging in my nerdy inclinations. Rather, I have come to embrace my own enthusiasm, like relishing in a warm and awkward bath. These keycaps are undeniably satisfying to behold, and if you too find them enticing, Drop informs us that they are compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones. However, I must remind you that at $49 per cap, they are not merely affordable trinkets. Whether you choose to use them on your keyboard or display them, they are a serious investment of self-expression.

April 30 of this year marks the shipping date for these marvelous creations. By then, I may have surrendered to the temptation and added them to my collection. However, I must also remind myself to exercise caution and self-control. Pull yourself together, Andy. Do not fall prey to the allure of these whimsical objects. Resist the foolish desires of your inner hobbit. But who am I kidding? The beauty and craftsmanship are undeniable. Perhaps it is time to fully embrace my nerdy passions and invest in a true slice of Middle-earth for my keyboard.


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