The world of video game development is not without its challenges, and one such challenge is the delicate balance between creating powerful and enjoyable gameplay mechanics while also maintaining a fair and challenging experience for players. This struggle is evident in the recent release of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, where the developers identified a bugged effect that was wreaking havoc on the game’s balance.

Game director Axel Rydby revealed that the Burn status effect in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has a flaw that causes its power to infinitely scale at high Mastery levels. This unintended bug turned the Burn effect into an overpowered affliction, completely undermining the challenge of the endgame content. While the intention was for players to discover and create powerful builds, this bug inadvertently made the Burn build the only viable option for success.

Realizing the gravity of the issue, the development team has decided to nerf the Burn effect to align with its original planned power scaling. This was a necessary step to restore balance and ensure that players have the opportunity to explore various builds without feeling compelled to rely on a single overpowered option. However, this fix alone is not enough to rectify the problem entirely.

Due to the extensive use of the overpowered Burn builds, the leaderboards in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League have become heavily skewed. To address this issue and provide a fair playing field for all, the developers have made the difficult but necessary decision to wipe the leaderboards clean and start afresh. This move allows players to continue their exploration of different builds in the game without the undue influence of the previous imbalance.

While the reset of the leaderboards may be disappointing for those who had invested time and effort into climbing the ranks with their broken Burn builds, Rocksteady is not completely erasing their accomplishments. To honor these achievements, a separate tab will be created where players can view their previous records, serving as a lasting testament to their ingenuity within the flawed system.

The challenges faced by the development team of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League serve as a reminder of the constant struggle to maintain balance in video games. Balancing gameplay mechanics while providing players with powerful and enjoyable experiences is a delicate task that requires diligence and adaptability.

Rocksteady’s commitment to identifying and addressing the issues in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League demonstrates their dedication to ensuring a fair and engaging experience for players. By tackling the bugged effect and resetting the leaderboards, they aim to create an environment where players can continuously discover new and powerful builds, pushing the boundaries of the metagame.

The lessons learned from this experience will undoubtedly shape the future of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and inform the development of future games. Striving for balance and adaptability will remain paramount to creating immersive and enjoyable gameplay experiences for players worldwide.


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