The Night Springs DLC for Alan Wake 2 features a collection of relatively linear story episodes, with one particularly difficult puzzle in Jesse Faden’s North Star chapter. In this installment, Faden ventures into the Coffee World amusement park to uncover the enigmatic force behind a coffee blend that has mind-altering properties. While most early puzzles are straightforward, the lead up to the climax presents a challenging logic and mathematics puzzle. Players must determine the optimal roasting temperature for Dark Triangle’s coffee blend to progress into the coffee cult’s headquarters.

To crack the code for the optimal roasting temperature, players must carefully analyze the posters next to the coffee roaster within the Roasting Bar. The first poster with the inscription “More That A Sum Of Its Parts” and a triangle logo hints at the angle of a triangle, suggesting that the temperature is above 180 degrees. The second poster provides more concrete clues, stating that the first digit is half of the second, and the third digit is one less than the second. This limits the potential combinations, narrowing down the possibilities for the correct solution.

As players delve deeper into the clues, they must consider that the optimal roasting temperature must be below 500 degrees, is a prime number, and the digits have a specific relationship. By following this trail of hints and deductions, they can eliminate incorrect combinations and arrive at the correct solution – 487. Alternatively, a quicker method involves relating the clues to Planet X-13 and using mathematical reasoning to arrive at the same answer.

Upon discovering the solution to the coffee roasting puzzle, players can proceed to enter the number into the coffee roaster and unlock access to the Dark Triangle headquarters. The challenging nature of this puzzle tests players’ logic and problem-solving skills, providing a rewarding sense of accomplishment upon its completion.

The Night Springs DLC in Alan Wake 2 offers a unique and engaging puzzle experience in the form of the coffee roasting challenge. By combining clues, logic, and mathematical reasoning, players can uncover the optimal roasting temperature and progress through the story. This intricate puzzle adds depth to the gameplay and highlights the importance of attention to detail and critical thinking in solving complex challenges within the game.


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