After the recent shutdown of Possibility Space, a wave of layoffs has hit the now-defunct studio. Senior game designer Brendan McLeod and others have confirmed their departure, with former senior environmental artist Matt Graczyk and lead systems engineer Kyle Kukshtel being among those let go. The closure is said to be directly related to the leaking of information about the studio’s upcoming game, Project Vonnegut, to the press. This breach of confidentiality reportedly led to the inability of Possibility Space to secure additional resources from the project’s publisher, resulting in the cancellation of the game and ultimately the closure of the studio.

The closure of Possibility Space has undoubtedly left many employees in a state of uncertainty and upheaval. With the sudden loss of their jobs, former staff members are now faced with the daunting task of finding new employment opportunities in an already competitive industry. The closure of a studio can have lasting effects on its employees, both professionally and personally, as they navigate this sudden and unexpected turn of events.

Possibility Space is not the first studio to be closed under parent company Prytania Media. Just last month, Crop Circle Games met a similar fate. With only two studios remaining under Prytania Media, Dawon Entertainment and Fang & Claw, the future of these companies remains uncertain. The closure of Possibility Space marks a significant chapter in the company’s history, especially given the reputation of its owner, Jeff Strain.

Jeff Strain, the owner of Possibility Space, is a well-known figure in the gaming industry. As the cofounder of ArenaNet, he has worked on successful titles such as Guild Wars. Additionally, he is the founder of Undead Labs, the studio behind the State of Decay series. Strain’s decision to leave Microsoft and establish Possibility Space in 2021 was met with anticipation and excitement. However, the closure of the studio has raised questions about his future endeavors and the impact of this closure on his reputation within the industry.

The closure of Possibility Space has sent shockwaves through the gaming community and raised concerns about the stability of Prytania Media’s remaining studios. The fallout from this closure will undoubtedly be felt by former employees, industry insiders, and fans alike. As the dust settles, only time will tell what the future holds for those affected by this sudden and unexpected turn of events.


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