In the ongoing Major Order of Helldivers 2, players were tasked with liberating Tibit before the weekend came to a close. However, a fatal setback occurred in the war effort on the Galactic West. High Command pointed fingers at distracted divers for the loss. The community had made significant progress in the western theater against the Automatons, but a surprise twist from Game Master Joel forced players to choose between defending planet Draupnir or quickly liberating Ubanea. Unfortunately, Helldivers couldn’t mobilize in time and ultimately lost access to Ubanea, a critical stepping stone to achieving the Major Order goal.

According to a statement from High Command posted on the game’s subreddit, the decision-making process was flawed. Troops were divided between holding Draupnir and liberating Ubanea, resulting in insufficient concentration of resources to achieve either objective. Ubanea had reached 95% liberation before falling, needing only a few more hours to complete. The blame was also placed on soldiers occupied elsewhere, with 35% of divers engaged in the botdivers versus bugdivers conflict, which could have turned the tide on the battlefield. Victory eluded the players that day due to the lack of focus and commitment.

The soldiers stuck on Malevelon Creek, also known as creekers or creekheads, were also under scrutiny by High Command. With 25% of forces committed to defending and liberating Malevelon Creek, resources were spread thin, making success on Draupnir, Ubanea, and ultimately Tibit seem unlikely. The ongoing stalemate at Malevelon Creek was hindering progress on more critical fronts, exacerbating the issue of distracted and divided efforts among the Helldivers.

While High Command placed blame on distracted players and creekheads, some players on the subreddit redirected the blame towards developer Arrowhead for failing to clearly show off supply lines in-game. Planets on Helldivers 2’s Galactic Table are interconnected by supply lines, with the liberation of one planet leading to opportunities on others. However, the game itself does not display these supply lines, leaving players in the dark about which planets are strategically crucial for achieving their objectives. A fan-made website has stepped in to fill this informational gap, highlighting the importance of efficient decision-making and resource allocation in the game.

The consequences of distracted Helldivers 2 players are far-reaching, impacting the overall progress and success of the war effort against the Automatons. High Command’s reprimands and player frustrations underscore the importance of unity, focus, and strategic planning in achieving victory in the game. As the conflict rages on, it is imperative for players to learn from past mistakes, prioritize critical objectives, and work together towards a common goal to overcome the challenges ahead. Only through coordinated efforts and unwavering dedication can the Helldivers hope to emerge victorious in the ongoing battle for freedom and liberation.


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