Disney Speedstorm developer Gameloft recently made significant changes to the monetization of the racing game, which has sparked major backlash among players. The decision to alter the way players access the game’s “Golden Pass” by introducing a direct purchase option for $9.99 has not been well-received by the community. This article will delve into the repercussions of these changes and the players’ reactions to them.

Gameloft announced that starting from Season 7, players will no longer be able to unlock the Golden Pass by grinding for tokens; instead, they will have to purchase it directly for $9.99. The developer claimed that these changes aim to make the Golden Pass more engaging and faster to complete, allowing players to focus on unlocking racers via the pass and providing additional rewards that can be used on any racer in the game.

The alteration to the Golden Pass system has caused frustration and disappointment among Disney Speedstorm players, especially those who had invested in the early access Founder’s Pack. Many players had saved up tokens with the expectation that they would be valuable for future passes, only to find out that tokens are no longer accepted as payment for the Golden Pass.

On Twitter, users expressed their discontent with the changes, with some indicating that they might stop playing the game altogether. The decision to make the Golden Pass a direct purchase has led to feelings of betrayal and regret among players who had supported the game by purchasing the Founder’s Pack.

Community Backlash

The backlash against Gameloft’s new monetization strategy has been significant, with players voicing their concerns on social media platforms and in gaming communities. Many players have criticized the developer for what they perceive as a greedy approach to monetization, prioritizing profits over player satisfaction.

Calls for Gameloft to reconsider the changes and revert to the previous system have been mounting, both on social media and on gaming platforms like Steam. Players argue that the devaluation of saved tokens and the exclusion of token-based purchases for the Golden Pass will have a negative impact on the game’s community and player experience.

As of now, Gameloft has not responded to the backlash or indicated whether they will reconsider the changes to the monetization system in response to player feedback. It remains to be seen if the developer will address the concerns raised by the community and make adjustments to restore player trust and satisfaction.

The controversy surrounding Disney Speedstorm developer Gameloft’s decision to change the game’s monetization strategy highlights the importance of listening to player feedback and understanding the impact of such changes on the gaming community. As players continue to voice their discontent, the future of the game’s player base and community dynamics remains uncertain.


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