The Apple Vision Pro headset comes with a hefty price tag of $3,499, making it an investment for those who are serious about their audio experience. However, what many potential buyers may not realize is the additional cost of repairs if they choose not to pay for AppleCare Plus coverage.

According to Apple’s updated support page for the Vision Pro, repairing a cracked cover glass without AppleCare Plus will cost a staggering $799. This is a significant expense that users need to consider when deciding whether to invest in this premium headset.

For those who opt for AppleCare Plus, the repair costs for a cracked cover glass or other accidental damage are reduced to $299. This represents a significant saving of $500, making this extended coverage plan worth considering. AppleCare Plus also covers any “unexpected and unintentional external event,” such as liquid spills or dropping the device.

Moreover, AppleCare Plus offers unlimited coverage for these events during its two-year duration, with each repair costing $299. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who are prone to accidents or have a history of damage-prone gadgets.

While the reduced repair fees for a cracked cover glass or accidental damage may make AppleCare Plus a worthwhile investment, the real value of this extended coverage plan lies in more advanced repairs. Repairing other damage on the Vision Pro headset could cost as much as $2,399, which is more than two-thirds the price of a brand-new device. Having the extended coverage in place can potentially save users a significant amount of money in these instances.

It is important to note that Apple has not provided specific details about the level of harm that may require a full replacement of the device. However, it is unlikely that local repair shops will have the necessary expertise or access to the specialized technology found in the Vision Pro. Therefore, having Apple’s extended coverage can provide peace of mind and ensure that users have access to the necessary repairs.

In recent years, the availability of DIY and third-party repair services has increased, providing consumers with a potentially cheaper alternative to Apple’s official repair avenues. This has been supported by the passing of right-to-repair laws in several U.S. states, which have compelled Apple to make parts, tools, and information available for DIY repairs of its devices.

While it is unclear whether Apple will extend self-service repair offerings to the Vision Pro headset, as it did with the iPhone 15, it is worth considering other repair options. However, it is important to note that DIY or third-party repairs may not have access to the specialized components and features of the Vision Pro, potentially compromising the quality of the repairs.

When weighing the cost of repairs and the potential for damage to the Apple Vision Pro headset, it becomes clear that investing in AppleCare Plus is a wise decision. The reduced repair costs and coverage for advanced repairs make it a valuable investment for users who want to protect their investment in this high-end audio device.

While alternative repair options may exist, they may not match the expertise or quality assurance provided by Apple’s official repairs. Therefore, users should carefully consider the potential risks and costs associated with opting out of AppleCare Plus coverage.

The Apple Vision Pro headset is an impressive piece of technology, but its expensive repairs highlight the importance of investing in AppleCare Plus. By doing so, users can enjoy their headset with peace of mind, knowing that they are protected from unexpected damage.


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