We all need a break from time to time, even the folks at Rock Paper Shotgun. With Christmas just around the corner, the team is preparing to close up the treehouse and enjoy a few days off. Who can blame them? It’s far too cold to sit in a treehouse during the winter!

However, there seems to be a miscalculation as the bosses believe that January is warm enough to resume work. So, while the rest of us are sipping hot cocoa and enjoying the holiday festivities, the brave members of Rock Paper Shotgun will be back on January 2nd, 2024. And if history is any indication, it will take them at least three months to write the correct year on their documents. But hey, we can’t blame them for being a bit disoriented after the holiday season!

But fear not! Rock Paper Shotgun cares about their readers and wants to make sure you don’t feel completely bereft during their absence. They have planned some hashtag content for you to enjoy while they’re away. On December 25th, they will unveil their Game of the Year 2023, although rumors in the comments section suggest that the winner is already known. Nevertheless, it’s all part of the festive tradition, so let’s play along.

If you weren’t satisfied with the Advent Calendar this year, Rock Paper Shotgun has you covered. They will be sharing their RPS Selection Boxes, where each staff member recommends games that didn’t make the cut for the calendar. Whether they call them “hon. menchies” or not, these daily recommendations will surely give you something to look forward to from December 26th onwards.

Rock Paper Shotgun will also help you keep track of time with their RPS Year in Review roundups. From the best reviews to the most interesting guides, they will give you a comprehensive overview of what defined the gaming scene in 2023. It’s always fascinating to take a step back and reflect on the highlights of the year, providing a sense of perspective on the industry.

In the spirit of giving, Rock Paper Shotgun has made a selection of Supporter-funded posts available to everyone. These posts will be released gradually, so keep an eye on the Latest feed to catch them as they unlock. Plus, you can browse the From the Archive tag to explore even more Supporter posts that are accessible to all.

Lastly, no holiday season would be complete without some Christmas Crackers. Rock Paper Shotgun has prepared daily jokes and, according to their own admission, they have outdone themselves this year. Whether the jokes are laugh-out-loud funny or embarrassingly bad is yet to be seen, but they will certainly bring some light-heartedness to your day.

As the year comes to a close, the team at Rock Paper Shotgun is busy scheduling tweets and reflecting on the year that has passed. From eating chocolates to making resolutions for 2024, they are eagerly preparing for the new adventures that await them. But before they set off on their break, they want to express their gratitude to their readers and wish everyone a lovely holiday season. They look forward to reconnecting with everyone on January 2nd, hopefully without any lingering effects of a New Year’s hangover.


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