TheCrew Motorfest is not your typical racing game. It doesn’t strive to be an accurate and realistic driving simulator. Instead, it prioritizes approachability and a variety of entertainment experiences. This game is all about the thrills and excitement of driving, satisfying all your motoring fantasies.

While Motorfest may draw comparisons to the Forza Horizon series, it has its own unique approach to the open-world car festival scenario. Rather than focusing on car simulations like its predecessor, The Crew Motorfest embraces the rollercoaster tourism aspect. It breaks rules and kicks down barriers for the sake of pure excitement. And believe me, it works.

One of the highlights of Motorfest is its virtual rendition of Hawaii. The attention to detail is impressive, accurately evoking the real-world Honolulu, complete with beautiful beaches, lush jungles, and stunning weather and lighting systems. The environment itself becomes a character in the game, providing a breathtaking backdrop for your racing adventures.

The curated races in Motorfest are where the game truly shines. These races are divided into various playlists, each with its own distinct theme. Whether it’s F1 Racing or a leisurely cruise in a Kombi van, the races are expertly designed to make the most of the environments. You’ll race through grand vistas, chase sunsets, and navigate dark mountains in the rain. It’s exhilarating and never gets monotonous.

One of the best aspects of Motorfest is its accessibility. You can jump right into the races without the need to purchase or upgrade vehicles. The game just wants you to enjoy the arcade-style thrills it offers. The driving mechanics strike a perfect balance between weighty and satisfying, making the races challenging yet enjoyable. The addition of features like one-touch drifts and adaptive difficulty further enhance the experience.

Motorfest goes beyond just cars. Like its predecessor, The Crew 2, it allows you to fly planes and charter speedboats through the gorgeous environment. This feature adds variety and eliminates the tedium of open-world traversal. Being up in the air or out on the ocean provides a refreshing change of pace and showcases the beauty of the game’s world.

While Motorfest delivers on its promise of thrilling driving experiences, it does have its flaws. The car customization options are straightforward but lack depth compared to games like Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport. Additionally, the cockpit view on the PlayStation 5 version lacks functioning side and rear mirrors, which is a disappointing oversight.

Despite its shortcomings, The Crew Motorfest is a strong arcade racer suited for casual racers. It doesn’t require the same level of pressure, know-how, or commitment as more realistic racing games. The ability to quickly jump into the game, enjoy the sights, sounds, and different flavors of vehicular action is a major selling point. It’s a game that caters to the joy of driving and offers a delightful experience for all skill levels.

Overall, The Crew Motorfest is a thrilling and entertaining racing game that prioritizes fun over realism. It offers an open-world playground filled with breathtaking locations, curated races, and accessible gameplay. While it may not be the most technically impressive or in-depth racing game out there, it excels at what it sets out to do: provide a rollercoaster ride of driving experiences.

Rating: 4/5 Stars
Platforms: PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One
Developer: Ivory Tower
Publisher: Ubisoft
Release Date: 11 September 2023
Reviewed on: PlayStation 5
Reviewer: GamesHub
Affiliate Disclosure: GamesHub has affiliate partnerships that do not influence editorial content. Commission may be earned for products purchased via affiliate links.

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