Berserk, the legendary manga created by Kentaro Miura, is hailed as one of the greatest manga ever made. This visually stunning tale of swords, sorcery, and defying fate spans an impressive 42 volumes. While such an extensive work may seem daunting, there is good news for fans and newcomers alike. Amazon is currently offering a wide selection of discounted Berserk volumes, including the highly sought-after deluxe hardcover editions. Let’s dive into the world of Berserk and explore the exciting options available.

For those who crave a truly immersive reading experience, the deluxe edition volumes of Berserk are a dream come true. Amazon’s buy one, get one 50% off mix-and-match sale applies to most of the 14 deluxe edition volumes, making it an irresistible offer. These deluxe editions feature stunning hardcover designs that exude elegance and durability. Made of durable leatherette, each volume houses three individual volumes of Berserk, all reprinted in an oversized format. With approximately 700 pages in each volume, these books command attention and are sure to impress on any bookshelf.

Tragically, Kentaro Miura passed away in 2021, leaving behind a rich legacy in the form of Berserk. Volume 14 of the deluxe edition, released in November, collects Miura’s final contributions to the Berserk series. This volume not only provides the conclusion to Miura’s Berserk arc but also includes the Berserk Official Guidebook. The guidebook is an invaluable resource for readers, offering contextual information, background details, and expanded lore, enhancing the overall reading experience. It’s a must-have addition for any avid Berserk enthusiast.

While the deluxe editions are undoubtedly enticing, there is also a range of standard paperback editions of Berserk available at Amazon. These paperback editions, priced at $15 each, are also eligible for the buy one, get one 50% off promotion. With a total of 42 volumes in the series, there is a vast collection to explore. While it isn’t possible to list all the volumes here, a quick selection of titles showcases the breadth of the series. From the standard editions to the deluxe volumes, Berserk offers something for everyone.

The Journey into Darkness

Berserk is not your typical fantasy series; it delves into the realm of dark fantasy, captivating mature audiences with its haunting and tragic narrative. The story follows Guts, a former mercenary on a relentless quest for revenge. As readers dive into the pages of Berserk, they will encounter a world that spares no brutality, delivering relentless and uncompromising content. It is a visceral and emotionally charged experience that leaves an indelible mark on its readers.

The Berserk deluxe edition volumes offer an immersive and visually striking way to experience the epic story crafted by Kentaro Miura. With the opportunity to save with Amazon’s current promotions, there has never been a better time to embark on this dark fantasy journey. Whether you choose the deluxe editions or the standard paperback versions, Berserk promises to transport you to a world of sorcery, swords, and unyielding determination. Prepare to be captivated by this monumental manga series that has rightfully earned its place among the greatest of all time.


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