The tech world was abuzz recently when Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey, announced that he is no longer on the board of Bluesky, the decentralized social media platform he helped create. This revelation came in response to a question from an X user, to which Dorsey simply replied, “no.” This news has raised questions about the future of Bluesky and what it means for the platform moving forward.

Despite Dorsey’s confirmation that he is no longer on the board of Bluesky, there seems to be some uncertainty surrounding his departure. The company still lists him as a board member, alongside CEO Jay Graeber and Jabber/XMPP inventor Jeremie Miller. Dorsey’s involvement with Bluesky has been minimal, with reports indicating that he has not been an active participant in the company’s operations. This lack of engagement has led to speculation about the true nature of his departure and what it could mean for the platform.

The departure of Jack Dorsey from the board of Bluesky raises questions about the platform’s future. Dorsey originally backed Bluesky in 2019 as a project to develop an open-source social media standard that he hoped Twitter would adopt. However, his exit from the board has left many wondering if Bluesky will be able to thrive without his support and guidance. With competing platforms like Elon Musk’s “freedom technology” on the rise, Bluesky faces increased pressure to differentiate itself and attract users.

Dorsey’s departure from Bluesky could have far-reaching implications for the platform. His absence from the board raises concerns about the company’s leadership and strategic direction. Without Dorsey’s influence, Bluesky may struggle to gain traction in the competitive social media landscape. Additionally, his exit could signal internal turmoil within the company, potentially leading to further departures or changes in direction. Only time will tell what the future holds for Bluesky and whether it can weather this latest storm.

Jack Dorsey’s departure from the board of Bluesky has cast a shadow of uncertainty over the future of the decentralized social media platform. With questions about leadership, strategy, and internal stability, Bluesky faces a challenging road ahead. As the tech world waits to see how the platform will respond to this latest setback, one thing is clear: the departure of a key figure like Dorsey is sure to have a significant impact on Bluesky’s future.


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