When Sony launched the PSVR, it brought forth a wave of excitement with a variety of bundles and options for gamers to choose from. The initial release of the PSVR showcased the Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle, offering gamers a glimpse into the potential of this virtual reality headset. However, it has been a year since its release and the PSVR 2 still lacks the selection and variety of bundles that its predecessor once had.

Despite the lackluster offering of PSVR 2 bundles and deals, there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon. Occasional price cuts have been observed, indicating that Sony might have something planned for the device’s first birthday. As the top pick for the best VR headset in terms of gaming, the PSVR 2 boasts impressive tech specs at an affordable cost. Moreover, it has a growing library of games and innovative features, making it an enticing choice for gamers. With Sony’s continuous support for the platform and the steady release of new games, it is highly likely that more bundle offerings will be available in the future.

In order to gauge the potential of PSVR 2 bundles and deals, it is important to compare it to other leading VR gaming headsets. By checking out the list of best PSVR 2 games and the upcoming titles, one can see how it measures up against the competition. Additionally, the PSVR 2’s compatibility with Humanity, a PS Plus monthly free game, suggests that more games might be added to the service as adoption of the headset increases. This further adds to the potential value of the PSVR 2.

As November arrives, anticipation builds for Black Friday gaming deals. This annual event has the potential to bring about significant price reductions for new hardware, such as the PSVR 2 and the DualSense Edge. It is an opportune time for gamers to keep an eye out for individual deals and bundle offerings for the PSVR 2. Although no discounts or emergent bundles have been observed thus far, it is hopeful that they will appear in due time.

Looking back, the success of PSVR 1 on the PS4 cannot be ignored. What could have been a failed platform turned out to be an accessible and supported VR gaming experience. Sony dedicated plenty of resources to develop a wide selection of games and showcased the PSVR in State of Play live streams. This commitment to VR gaming propelled the popularity of PSVR 1 and created high expectations for its successor.

While waiting for more individual deals and bundle offerings, it is crucial to explore the current options for obtaining a PSVR 2. By utilizing price comparison software, users can find the best prices available in their respective regions. As of now, the PSVR 2 is priced at £529.99 in the UK and $549.99 in the US. The Horizon Call of the Mountain Bundle, the only bundle available since launch, is priced at £569 in the UK and $599 in the US.

The state of PSVR 2 bundles and deals is disappointing, as it fails to match the variety and excitement that its predecessor once offered. However, hope remains for the future, with occasional price cuts and the continuous support from Sony. As Black Friday approaches, gamers eagerly await potential price reductions and new bundle offerings. The success of PSVR 1 serves as a reminder of the potential that the PSVR 2 possesses. Despite its current limitations, the PSVR 2 is still a top contender in the VR gaming market.


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