As someone who has never been particularly skilled at Lego constructions, I often find myself questioning the durability and stability of my creations. However, the upcoming game Cataclismo promises to put my building skills to the ultimate test, pitting them against wave after wave of ghastly monsters. Developed by the creators of Moonlighter, this game offers a unique blend of Minecraft-style building and crafting mechanics with the strategic challenges of a tower-defense game.

Cataclismo introduces a fascinating gameplay mechanic by splitting its action into two distinct phases: day and night. During the day, players must navigate their settlement, gathering resources necessary for the construction of a sturdy fortress. It is this building element that truly sets Cataclismo apart from other games in the genre. Drawing inspiration from the world of Lego, the game provides players with an in-depth building mode that allows for the creation of intricate towers, walls, castles, and more using a wide variety of brick-like pieces.

However, the true test of your architectural prowess occurs at night. As darkness falls, hordes of horrors descend upon your painstakingly constructed fortress, forcing you to defend yourself against their relentless attacks. Fortunately, the inhabitants of your settlement are there to assist in the defense, arming themselves with bows, cannons, and other weaponry as you direct them to repel the invading creatures.

Cataclismo introduces a realistic physics system that adds an additional layer of challenge to the game. If certain parts of your building sustain too much damage, they might collapse, potentially injuring those caught in the destruction and compromising the structural integrity of the rest of your fortress. Gone are the days of randomly stacking blocks and expecting them to hold firm against the onslaught of monsters. Players must carefully consider the materials they use for construction, as stone, wood, mineral, and the fantastical mistfuel all possess unique properties that affect their resilience and strength.

To unlock additional building pieces and materials, players must devote their days to managing their town. By expanding with new buildings, investing in technology, and purchasing extra units, players can advance the town’s economy and acquire new resources to fortify their defenses. During the day, players can pause the game and strategize before the real-time strategy elements take over during the intense night battles.

The terrain surrounding your settlement plays a crucial role in how you approach building and defense. From forests and misty wetlands to the unsettling Depths, each environment presents its own unique set of challenges and opportunities. Players must adapt their strategies accordingly, leveraging the environmental factors to gain an edge against the relentless onslaught of horrors.

Cataclismo features an expansive 30-hour single-player campaign, immersing players in a story-driven experience filled with challenging missions and epic battles. In addition to the captivating campaign, players can also engage in standalone challenges through skirmish maps or embrace their creativity in a free-play creative mode, where they can build without the fear of monsters destroying their creations.

Developed by Digital Sun, Cataclismo is currently running a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. With the goal of becoming their first self-published game, the campaign has already surpassed its initial €50,000/$53,000 target with two weeks remaining. The anticipated release date for Cataclismo is next May, but players can already get a taste of the game’s potential by trying out the demo available on Steam.

Cataclismo presents an exciting fusion of Lego-inspired building mechanics and intense tower-defense strategy. With its unique day and night phases, realistic physics system, and emphasis on resource management, this game offers a thrilling and challenging experience for players seeking a new twist on the genre. Whether you’re a seasoned builder or a tower-defense enthusiast, Cataclismo promises endless hours of strategic fun and heart-pounding action.


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