Prepare to immerse yourself in the sinful realm of Cult of the Lamb with the highly anticipated Sins of the Flesh update, set to release on January 16, 2024. Developed by the renowned Massive Monster and published by Devolver Digital, this free expansion promises to be the most ambitious and captivating content update yet, offering a myriad of exciting new quests, resources, features, and improvements for players to enjoy.

At the forefront of the Sins of the Flesh update is the introduction of a groundbreaking sin-based progression system. Delve deeper into the management of your cult as you revel in gluttonous rituals, vain buildings, and wrathful doctrines. Each sinful act will guide your followers along a darker path, ultimately allowing you to create tiers of devoted Disciples from those who prove their unwavering loyalty.

Revamping Cult Life

Sins of the Flesh breathes new life into your cult with a plethora of changes designed to enhance your experience. Picture-perfect poops, known as shiny poops, are set to make their glorious appearance. Not only do they generate special effects, such as boosting crop yields and providing extra XP for brooms, but they also add a touch of whimsy to your cult’s existence.

Furthermore, the update unveils a selection of sprawling new buildings, each more impressive and indispensable than the last. These architectural wonders streamline and automate various cult processes, making chores faster and easier to manage. Your loyal followers will be empowered to prioritize self-care, ensuring they remain in peak condition to serve your cause.

However, the Sins of the Flesh update doesn’t stop there. It boldly introduces the ability for your followers to procreate, marking a major milestone in the evolution of your cult. Embark on the so-called “sex update” as your followers forge intimate relationships and embark on a journey to produce an egg. This hatching signifies the birth of new allegiance, as the offspring pledges their loyalty to your cause as they mature.

Expanding the Arsenal and Wardrobe

In addition to these groundbreaking updates, Sins of the Flesh treats players to an assortment of enticing new collectibles. Prepare for battle with the formidable Blunderbuss, a powerful weapon that deals immense damage in close quarters combat. This addition introduces a thrilling new combat style that adds an extra layer of strategy to your cult’s adventures.

While you’re exploring the depths of the world armed with your newfound weapon, rest assured that your followers will be fashionably occupied. The update unveils the Tailor building, allowing you to craft bespoke outfits that reflect the unique style and identity of your cult. Watch as your loyal disciples proudly don their new attire, showcasing their dedication and unity.

The release of Sins of the Flesh marks an exciting chapter in the ever-evolving world of Cult of the Lamb. With its innovative sin-based progression system, captivating new features, and an arsenal of collectibles, this update invites players to dive deeper into the dark and enthralling realm of cult management. Embark on this wicked journey and lead your followers to glory.


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