Disney Lorcana is gearing up for an exciting new expansion with the arrival of Ursula’s Return next week. This expansion introduces a brand-new cooperative game called Illumineer’s Quest – Deep Trouble, providing a fresh twist to the popular trading card game. With preorders selling out quickly at Best Buy, fans can now turn to Amazon to secure their copy of the game.

The preorders for Illumineer’s Quest – Deep Trouble are currently available on Amazon for $60. Additionally, players can also preorder Illumineer’s Trove for $50, a complementary product for Deep Trouble that includes various accessories and eight Ursula’s Return booster packs. For those looking to expand their collection with as many new Lorcana cards as possible, Ursula’s Return booster box preorders are also available on Amazon.

Illumineer’s Quest – Deep Trouble offers a whole new way to enjoy Lorcana. Instead of the traditional head-to-head gameplay, this cooperative quest pits players against Ursula in an epic battle. With options for different difficulty levels and the ability to battle Ursula solo for a challenge, this deck provides everything needed to start the adventure.

In addition to the Illumineer’s Quest, players can also preorder Illumineer’s Trove for a card storage box, card dividers, booster packs, and various accessories for traditional Lorcana matches. For players looking to quickly stock up on new Lorcana cards, the Ursula’s Return Booster Box offers 24 booster packs, totaling 288 new cards to enhance your deck.

Newcomers to Lorcana can kickstart their TCG journey with the Ursula’s Return Starter Deck. Designed to help players learn the game, these sets come with a complete deck of 60 cards, 11 tokens, a rule sheet, and a bonus booster pack with 12 additional cards. Snow White and Genie-themed card sleeves and deck boxes are also available for preorder to protect and customize your set.

Players can secure their preorders for Illumineer’s Quest, Illumineer’s Trove, and the Ursula’s Return Starter Deck on Amazon. It’s important to note that Best Buy is currently sold out of both the Quest and Trove options. If preordering from Best Buy, be prepared to receive a random starter deck, as there is no option for selection. However, Amazon offers separate listings for the starter decks, providing more flexibility for purchasing options.

The arrival of Disney Lorcana’s Ursula’s Return expansion brings a fresh and exciting experience to the world of trading card games. From cooperative gameplay to a plethora of new cards and accessories, this expansion offers something for both seasoned players and newcomers alike. Secure your preorders now to ensure you don’t miss out on the latest chapter in the Lorcana universe.


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