The release of the LEGO Animal Crossing line in March 2024 included five sets based on Nintendo’s popular franchise, but there was also a secret sixth bonus set available for fans who knew where to look. Maple’s Pumpkin Garden is a small polybag set that was exclusively sold online at Lego stores. This bonus set featured a minifig of Maple, the bear character from the game, along with a few terrain modules to create a charming pumpkin garden scene.

Maple’s minifig comes with short, static legs and a cute print, accompanied by a little watering can for the garden. The set includes additional elements like a white picket fence panel, a hill with a ladder and a small pink flower, as well as a fir tree from a previous set. While the cost-to-piece ratio may not be the best, at $4.99 for 29 pieces, the exclusive nature of the minifig makes it a worthwhile purchase for completionist fans.

The main issue with Maple’s Pumpkin Garden is its limited availability, as it has generally been out of stock at official outlets. Third-party sellers, like eBay, offer the set at a premium price, with buyers having to pay more to acquire it. The initial price of $4.99 may increase significantly when purchasing from resellers, depending on demand. It remains uncertain whether Lego will restock this exclusive set in the future.

For dedicated fans of the LEGO Animal Crossing series, owning an exclusive minifig like Maple may be worth the extra cost. However, the decision to purchase the set at a higher price point should be influenced by individual budget constraints and the level of affection for the franchise. While some collectors might be willing to pay more for a ‘complete’ minifig set, others may find the inflated prices less justifiable.

Maple’s Pumpkin Garden offers a unique addition to the LEGO Animal Crossing collection, with its exclusive minifig and charming garden theme. While the initial price of $4.99 makes it a desirable purchase, the inflated costs on the secondary market may deter some fans. Ultimately, the decision to invest in this bonus set depends on individual preferences and willingness to spend extra for exclusivity.


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