Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth introduced a new minigame involving mako vacuuming, which players found to be a tedious and frustrating experience. While it was intended to make the game more interactive and immersive, many players struggled with the unwieldy mechanics of the giant vacuum. The sequences where players are forced to suck up mako gas became a significant challenge that tested the patience of even the most dedicated players.

Despite the negative reception from players, the developers at Square Enix had a different perspective on the mako vacuuming minigame. Director Naoki Hamaguchi explained that the minigame was designed to make mako a more tangible substance that players could interact with, thereby enriching their experience of the game world. By allowing players to physically engage with mako, the developers believed they could create a deeper connection between the players and the game’s lore.

In their efforts to make the mako vacuuming minigame more engaging, the developers spent a significant amount of time testing and refining the mechanics. They focused on enhancing the visual effects, sound, and tactile feedback of the minigame to ensure that players found it satisfying to play. However, despite their best efforts, many players still found the experience to be more frustrating than fulfilling.

Interestingly, it was revealed that the mako vacuuming minigame was even more challenging in earlier versions of the game. Originally, players had to clean up six points on the ground, significantly increasing the difficulty of the minigame. However, in a last-minute decision, the developers decided to reduce the number of points to three, acknowledging that the original version was too stressful for players.

In hindsight, players may have been frustrated with the mako vacuuming minigame, but they can also appreciate the efforts of the development team to improve the overall gaming experience. Despite the initial challenges and frustrations, the developers’ commitment to refining the minigame and listening to player feedback demonstrates their dedication to creating an engaging and enjoyable gameplay experience. So, while the mako vacuuming minigame may not have been everyone’s favorite aspect of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, it serves as a reminder of the complexities involved in game design and the importance of balancing challenge and satisfaction for players.


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