As someone who has dedicated a significant amount of time to studying virtual maps, I must confess that my geographical knowledge is severely lacking. While I may not be as clueless as mistaking Africa for a country, I certainly wouldn’t be the first choice for a pub quiz team. Despite my shortcomings in this area, I do find joy in manipulating maps in strategy games, with Total War being a favorite pastime.

Total War: Pharaoh’s is undergoing a transformation, with the introduction of new territories that bear a striking resemblance to Mesopotamia and Aegea. These additions come as part of a comprehensive overhaul of Pharaoh’s campaign experience, which also includes the introduction of 80 new units spread across four new factions. Additionally, 70 reworked units are being introduced for the newly added Mycenae and Troy factions, originally featured in A Total War Saga: TROY. This update aims to enhance the gameplay experience by providing players with a diverse range of units and strategic options.

The press release for the update promises significant improvements to the strategic campaign layer, such as the Dynasty system, which introduces the concepts of mortality and succession for faction leaders. This addition adds a new layer of complexity to the game by requiring players to consider the long-term legacy of their leaders. On the battlefield, players can look forward to over 80 new units for the Mesopotamian factions and over 70 reworked units for Mycenae and Troy. These enhancements aim to enrich the gameplay experience and provide players with fresh challenges and strategies to explore.

The update for Total War: Pharaoh’s brings to mind the speculated ‘Immortal Empires’ concept from Twarhammer’s combined game megamap. This approach makes sense, as it allows developers to leverage existing content while introducing new elements to keep the gameplay fresh. It is worth noting that the ‘Saga’ label has been dropped for Pharaoh, a decision that initially sparked controversy due to the perceived disparity between the price tag and the scale of the game. However, this issue has been addressed, and players can now enjoy the update for free. The continued evolution of Total War demonstrates the developers’ commitment to delivering engaging and immersive gaming experiences.

On a personal note, I have a deep appreciation for Total War: Pharaoh’s, even though my enjoyment of the game may have been tempered by certain limitations. I believe that with more time and creative freedom, CA Sofia could have pushed the boundaries of the game even further. As I reflect on my own shortcomings in geography, I feel compelled to acknowledge the importance of paying attention to maps and the valuable knowledge they can impart. In hindsight, I regret not giving more heed to this subject, especially when presented with the opportunity to explore larger, more intricate maps for free.

The expansion of Total War: Pharaoh’s represents a significant step forward in the evolution of the game. With new territories, units, and gameplay enhancements, players can look forward to an enriched experience that challenges them to think strategically and adapt to new scenarios. As the game continues to evolve, it serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of the Total War series and the dedication of its developers to delivering top-quality gaming content.


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