The world of video games is no stranger to crossover events, and Fortnite is known for its love of collaborations with various franchises. The latest news is that Fallout will be crossing over into Fortnite as part of the upcoming Wrecked season. This fusion of the post-apocalyptic RPG world with the battle royale shooter has fans buzzing with excitement.

The official Fortnite Twitter account recently confirmed the appearance of the Fallout universe in the game’s Wrecked season. The teaser image shows a Brotherhood of Steel knight in the iconic T-60 power armor, set against a backdrop of yellow-orange clouds. This image, accompanied by a winking face and a thumbs-up emoji, clearly references Fallout’s cheerful Vault Boy mascot. The crossover, courtesy of the Brotherhood of Steel, is set to arrive in exactly one week on May 24th.

The In-Game Event

Fortnite is known for teasing its upcoming seasons through elaborate in-game events, and the transition to the Wrecked season is no different. The recent event on the Greek-themed map featured the statue of Zeus raising its sword to summon a pillar of red lightning that struck Pandora’s Box. This created a storm crackling with energy, accompanied by the sound of an electric guitar shredding in the background. The stage is set for a dramatic shift in the game’s landscape.

Rumors have been circulating about the post-apocalyptic theme of the Wrecked season, which the Fallout crossover further reinforces. Leaks suggest that Fortnite may also collaborate with Mad Max, potentially tying in with the release of the prequel movie Furiosa. Additionally, music sensation Billie Eilish is expected to make an appearance in the game, following in the footsteps of artists like Eminem and Ariana Grande.

As fans eagerly await the Fallout crossover event in Fortnite, speculation runs wild about what it will entail. Will it focus on the popular Amazon TV series, or will it delve deeper into the earlier installments of the Fallout series? With references to Fallout 4, 3, and New Vegas, players are curious to see if the crossover will pay homage to the series’ CRPG roots. The anticipation is building as the release date approaches, and players are eager to see how these two iconic worlds will collide in Fortnite.


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