The FC 24 RTTF tracker is generating a lot of buzz, particularly surrounding the potential upgrade of Rafael Leao’s card. EA Sports has unveiled this incredible new promo, which promises a thrilling journey for football fans and gamers alike. In this article, we will delve into the details of the FC 24 RTTF promo, highlighting the players involved and the upgrade system. Get ready for a wild ride!

The FC 24 RTTF Promo

The FC 24 RTTF promo, also known as the Road To The Final, mirrors the popular FC 24 RTTK (Road To The Knockouts) promo. This promotion introduces a dynamic upgrade system based on team performances in European competition. Notably, both male and female players feature in this exciting campaign. By participating in this promo, gamers can anticipate a surge in card prices as the FC 24 meta becomes even more expensive.

FC 24 RTTF Team 1

On February 2, FC 24 RTTF Team 1 was released, featuring four Champions League players with a starting overall rating of 90. These powerhouse players include Joshua Kimmich (CDM, FC Bayern), Pedri (CM, Barcelona), Gabriel Jesus (ST, Arsenal), and Toni Kroos (CDM, Real Madrid). As their respective teams progress in the Champions League, their cards have the potential to become even more formidable. Additionally, Danish champions Kobenhavn joined the party with right-back Kevin Diks entering the fray.

The Europa League line-up is equally captivating, with 91-rated Rafael Leao (LW, AC Milan) leading the charge. Leao’s blistering pace of 96 is likely to skyrocket to 99 if Milan continues to dominate the competition. Ansu Fati (LW, Brighton, 89) and Darwin Nunez (ST, Liverpool, 88) are also strong additions to the team. Furthermore, Leon Bailey (RM, Aston Villa, 86) and Nicolas Gonzalez (RW, Fiorentina, 86) proudly represent the Conference League.

Female Players Make Their Mark

The FC 24 RTTF promo includes two impressive ladies from the UWCL who have earned upgradable cards. Lindsey Horan (CM, Lyon, 89) and Elisa De Almeida (CB, Paris SG, 86) bring their exceptional skills and talent to the mix. Their presence further highlights the growing emphasis on the inclusion of women’s football in FIFA.

The Upgrade System

Cards participating in the FC 24 RTTF promo can receive up to four overall rating upgrades. These upgrades are earned based on various milestones and achievements in the competition. Here’s a breakdown of how these upgrades are obtained:

– Win or draw the first R16 game: +1 OVR
– Qualify for the quarter-finals: +1 OVR
– Qualify for the semi-finals: +1 OVR
– Qualify for the final: New PlayStyle+, +1 OVR
– Win the final: 5* Skill Moves, 5* Weak Foot, +1 OVR

EA Sports has confirmed that upgrades will go live in-game starting on the Friday after the first round of the knockout stages. This means that RTTF players will be upgraded within a week following a milestone victory or qualification. The suspense and anticipation surrounding these upgrades is immense!

To keep fans and gamers informed, a comprehensive FC 24 RTTF tracker has been provided. This tracker includes all the participating players and their current ratings in the promo. Stay updated and monitor the progress of your favorite players as they embark on their road to glory within the game.

The FC 24 RTTF promo is making waves in the FIFA gaming community, with thrilling upgrades and promotions on the horizon. Whether you’re a fan of male or female football, there’s something for everyone in this dynamic and fast-paced campaign. Keep an eye on the FC 24 RTTF tracker to witness the ascent of the players and their phenomenal performances. Brace yourself for an exhilarating experience and get ready to immerse yourself in the FC 24 RTTF universe.


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