The highly anticipated release of The Finals update 1.7.0 has brought significant changes to the gameplay progression of this destructive shooter. With a primary focus on improving the advancement process through battle pass levels, players are now able to unlock coveted skins and cosmetics at a much faster rate. This update introduces numerous adjustments that effectively double or even triple the amount of XP awarded for specific actions, creating a more rewarding experience for dedicated players. Let’s delve into the details of this game-changing update and its potential impact on the game’s longevity.

Under the new update, several XP rewards have been revamped to provide players with a more satisfying sense of progression. Previously, opening a vault would yield a mere 100 XP, but now it generously offers 200 XP. Similarly, stealing a cashout, a significant milestone, grants players 300 XP instead of the previous 100 XP. Furthermore, the XP given for successfully completing various actions has been substantially increased. Starting a cashout now rewards players with 300 XP, up from 100 XP, while completing a cashout yields 400 XP, an improvement from the previous 200 XP.

The developers have also reevaluated the XP awards associated with different round placements. Finishing in fourth place used to grant 100 XP, but now players receive 200 XP for their efforts. Those who secure third place are now rewarded with 400 XP, a significant jump from 200 XP. Second place finishers will be delighted to discover that their accomplishment is now worth 600 XP, compared to the previous 400 XP. Finally, the winners of each round are greeted with an impressive 800 XP, an increase from the previous 600 XP. These changes not only motivate players to strive for victory but also acknowledge the efforts of those who perform well in the game.

In addition to the XP adjustments, the update has also transformed the Weekly Contracts system. Previously, players were awarded 2000 XP for completing these contracts. However, the developers have recognized the importance of incentivizing weekly goals and have increased the XP reward to a substantial 4500 XP. Weekly Goals, which previously granted 4000 XP, now offer an impressive 9000 XP. To ensure that these goals remain attainable, the number of Weekly Contracts required to unlock the Weekly Goal has been reduced from eight to six.

Unfortunately, the “Dead Go Boom” game show event has been temporarily disabled with this update. This time-limited modifier caused bodies to explode shortly after death, adding an explosive element to the gameplay. The developers made this decision as they believed it unfairly disadvantaged melee users and required further refinement. However, they assure players that the event will return in a reworked form in the near future.

While the 1.7.0 update undoubtedly brings improvements to the game’s progression system, it also raises concerns about the long-term sustainability of The Finals. As a player, I thoroughly enjoyed my initial 40 hours of gameplay before moving on to other experiences. However, this poses a challenge for a free-to-play multiplayer game that relies on recurring player engagement and cosmetic purchases to cover server costs and ensure survival. The developers’ intention behind this update seems to be prolonging the game’s lifespan by enticing players with faster battle pass progression and, in turn, making the premium battle pass more appealing.

The Finals update 1.7.0 introduces significant changes that enhance the game’s progression system. Players can now advance through battle pass levels at a faster pace, unlocking coveted skins and cosmetics along the way. The XP adjustments in various gameplay aspects and the revamped Weekly Contracts system provide players with more meaningful rewards for their efforts. However, while this update showcases the developers’ commitment to the game’s future, concerns remain about the game’s ability to maintain a thriving player base in the long run. The Finals is an exceptional game that deserves to remain playable and enjoyed for years to come.


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