MSI has recently unveiled a concept Z790 motherboard called Project Zero Plus, featuring CAMM2 memory. This new standard, Compression Attached Memory Module, is designed to replace SO-DIMM memory in laptops. The main highlight of CAMM2 memory is its ability to incorporate a dual-channel configuration into a single module, saving space especially in thin form factors. The relocation of major connectors to the rear of the motherboard is also a key feature, creating a neat and organized layout.

The development of CAMM2 memory raises questions about the rationale behind investing resources in this new concept. However, there are potential benefits to consider. One advantage is the elimination of RAM compatibility concerns, particularly with larger CPU coolers. Additionally, this new standard opens up possibilities for creative design elements on the module, such as enhanced RGB lighting. With optimized trace layout, CAMM2 memory could prove advantageous as DDR5 speeds continue to increase towards unprecedented levels.

The introduction of CAMM2 memory could potentially revolutionize the memory landscape for both laptops and desktops. The prospect of interchangeable RAM between the two platforms presents an intriguing opportunity for users. For example, upgrading a laptop with a desktop RAM module could be a feasible option in the future. However, the shift towards soldered RAM in laptops poses a challenge for the adoption of CAMM2 memory in the current market.

Despite the promising features of CAMM2 memory, there are still uncertainties surrounding its implementation. Details such as speed, timings, capacity, power consumption, and cost compared to DDR5 kits are yet to be disclosed. The upcoming Computex event is expected to provide more insights into this innovative concept. The PC Gamer hardware team will be closely monitoring the developments at the event to uncover the true potential of CAMM2 memory in desktop environments.

As the future of desktop memory evolves, the introduction of CAMM2 memory by MSI signifies a step towards innovation in memory technology. While the practical implications of this new standard remain to be seen, the concept of compact memory modules with enhanced performance is certainly enticing. Whether CAMM2 memory will become a mainstream solution in the market or remain a niche product is a question that only time will answer. Stay updated on the latest news and advancements in memory technology to witness the potential transformation brought about by CAMM2 memory.


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