Final Fantasy 14 recently underwent a Benchmark test that left many players unimpressed with the graphical overhaul. Character models were the primary focus of feedback, with players expressing disappointment at the lack of life in their Warriors of Light. Game director Naoki Yoshida took the criticisms to heart and pledged to make improvements based on player feedback.

Implementing Feedback

During a recent broadcast, Yoshida revealed that Square Enix is actively working to implement feedback on character models from the Benchmark test. The improvements will not only be visible in the test software but also in Final Fantasy 14 itself when the major 7.0 update arrives alongside the Dawntrail expansion next month on June 28. The goal is to have these improvements in the Benchmark software by May 30, but Yoshida emphasized that this timeline is subject to change due to the amount of work still needed.

Yoshida explained that the less-than-stellar character models were primarily a result of lighting difficulties rather than flaws in the actual character designs. For example, smile lines on certain characters’ faces appeared unnatural due to lighting issues. As a result, Square Enix has reworked the lighting and made adjustments to certain character’s mouths to improve their smile lines and facial expressions.

One of the contentious issues among players was the size of Miqote characters’ teeth in the graphical overhaul. Many players expressed relief that the improvements have addressed this concern, with Miqote teeth now being larger in size. However, Yoshida clarified that players will not have the ability to manually adjust the size of Miqote teeth when creating or editing their Warriors of Light in Final Fantasy 14. He mentioned that this feature was simply not feasible given the extensive work put into overhauling the character designs.

The much-anticipated 7.0 update for Final Fantasy 14, featuring the graphical overhaul, is scheduled to launch on June 28. This coincides with the release of the Dawntrail expansion, which will enter early access on the same day and have a full launch a few days later on July 2. Yoshida also announced during the broadcast that the Dawntrail expansion is on track and will not face any delays like the previous Endwalker expansion, as it is nearing the final stages of development.

Square Enix has taken player feedback seriously and is actively working to improve character models based on the criticisms received during the Benchmark test. With the upcoming 7.0 update and Dawntrail expansion, players can look forward to a more visually appealing Final Fantasy 14 experience. Yoshida and his team are dedicated to delivering a high-quality gaming experience for fans of the franchise.


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