After the successful release of Spelunky 2 in 2020, fans of the iconic roguelike game have been eagerly anticipating the announcement of a potential third installment. Mossmouth, the independent developer behind the series, has hinted at the possibility of a new sequel in the future. While Derek Yu, the founder of Mossmouth, has stated that there are no immediate plans for Spelunky 3, he has not ruled out the idea entirely. With the success of the second game, there is hope that a third entry may be on the horizon.

In a recent interview with Edge magazine, Derek Yu shared his thoughts on the future of the Spelunky series. Yu expressed satisfaction with Spelunky 2, stating that he felt he had explored all the ideas he wanted to in the game. Unlike the first Spelunky, where he felt there were many ideas left unexplored, Yu believes that the second game was more fulfilling in terms of creativity and content. While he is not actively working on Spelunky 3 at the moment, Yu hinted that if he were to pursue a third installment, it would have to offer something new and different to players.

One of the key aspects that Yu mentioned when discussing a potential Spelunky 3 is the need for a different structure. He emphasized the importance of opening up new possibilities and exploring fresh ideas in the game’s design. While details about what this new structure could entail are sparse, it is clear that Yu is keen on innovating and evolving the series with each new installment. The success of Spelunky 2 has set a high bar for any future sequels, and fans can expect that a potential Spelunky 3 would continue to push the boundaries of the roguelike genre.

In 2021, Larian Studios acquired the co-developer of Spelunky 2, BlitWorks, which has since focused on porting and publishing the game. This collaboration has opened up new opportunities for the Spelunky series, potentially leading to a more expansive and polished third installment. With the resources and expertise of Larian Studios behind them, Mossmouth may have the support they need to bring their vision for Spelunky 3 to life.

Overall, while the future of Spelunky 3 is uncertain, the hints and clues provided by Derek Yu and Mossmouth suggest that fans of the series have reason to be hopeful. With a focus on innovation, new ideas, and collaboration, the potential for a third Spelunky game is an exciting prospect for fans and developers alike. As they continue to work on new projects and explore the possibilities of the series, the legacy of Spelunky is sure to endure for years to come.


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