Square Enix, one of the leading game development and publishing companies, is set to make significant changes in its content development and publishing divisions. In a New Year’s Letter from Square Enix’s President, Takashi Kiryu, the company’s plans to embrace artificial intelligence (AI) are revealed. Kiryu acknowledges the potential of AI to reshape the creative process and introduce new ways of programming. This article delves into Square Enix’s goals for 2024 and the implications of their aggressive adoption of AI.

Kiryu acknowledges that generative AI holds immense potential in the creative realm. It not only has the power to transform what Square Enix creates but also revolutionize the way they create. By leveraging generative AI, the company aims to enhance their development productivity, achieve greater sophistication in marketing, and create new forms of content that resonate with consumers. However, with the mention of “new forms of content,” concerns arise about the nature of these creations. Will they stay true to Square Enix’s gaming legacy?

In the short term, Square Enix plans to focus on utilizing AI to improve development productivity and refine their marketing strategies. By automating certain processes and streamlining resource allocation, the company aims to optimize efficiency and deliver high-quality content to their audience. This approach seems reasonable and aligns with industry trends, as many companies are already integrating AI technologies into their workflow.

Looking ahead, Square Enix envisions using AI and cutting-edge technologies to create entirely novel content forms for consumers. While this sounds exciting, it raises questions about the potential departure from traditional gaming experiences. There is a fine line between innovation and compromising the essence of gaming, and fans are understandably cautious about these “new forms of content.” Will Square Enix strike the right balance between embracing technological advancements and honoring their rich gaming heritage?

Kiryu emphasizes the importance of knowledge sharing within Square Enix. By fostering a culture of collaboration and cross-departmental learning, the company aims to unlock new possibilities and drive innovation. This approach also aligns with their goal of promoting global collaboration, highlighting their commitment to embracing diverse perspectives and talents from around the world. By leveraging AI technologies, Square Enix can facilitate these collaborative efforts on a larger scale.

While the idea of Square Enix aggressively applying AI may initially sound concerning, it is important to approach these changes with an open mind. The gaming industry has always been at the forefront of technological advancements, and AI holds tremendous potential to enhance creativity and the overall gaming experience. As Square Enix dives into the realm of AI, it is crucial for them to strike a delicate balance between leveraging technology and preserving the essence of their beloved gaming franchises.

As we embark on this new year and witness the evolution of Square Enix’s projects, we can only hope that the company stays true to its roots. While the possibilities AI presents are exciting, it is vital for Square Enix to listen to their fans, prioritize gameplay innovation, and ensure that any new content forms align with the company’s core values. With careful consideration and collaboration, Square Enix has the potential to shape the future of gaming in a truly remarkable way.


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