Unlocking weapons in Helldivers 2 is an essential aspect of the game that requires a strategic approach and dedication. Unlike other games, you can’t simply rely on leveling up to acquire new weapons. In Helldivers 2, the process involves using Medals to purchase Warbonds, which act as battle passes offering various cosmetics and weapons. This article aims to provide a detailed understanding of the entire system, including Medals, Warbonds, and a comprehensive weapons list.

Medals serve as the primary currency for unlocking weapons in Helldivers 2. You can earn Medals by completing missions and operations, with higher difficulties providing more substantial rewards. They can also be found in sealed pods at points of interest. Initially, earning Medals may seem slow, creating a grind-like experience. However, as your progress and complete more challenging tasks, the flow of Medals becomes more consistent.

Warbonds, on the other hand, resemble battle passes commonly seen in other games. They consist of tiers, each containing a mix of rewards that vary in Medal costs. To unlock a higher tier, you must spend a specific number of Medals on the previous tier. It’s important to note that Warbonds have no expiry date, allowing players to progress at their own pace without feeling rushed.

Every Helldivers 2 player begins with the AR-23 Liberator assault rifle, P-2 Peacemaker pistol, and G-12 High Explosive grenade. These weapons serve as a foundation, providing the necessary tools to embark on your missions.

Additionally, owners of the Super Citizen Edition or its upgrade receive exclusive rewards. These include the MP-98 Knight sub-machine gun, which is currently unobtainable through any other means, and the Steeled Veterans Warbond. These rewards offer a valuable advantage to those who invest in the higher editions of the game.

Helldivers 2 boasts a diverse range of weapons beyond the starting loadout. To help you navigate this vast arsenal, here is a comprehensive list of weapons categorized by their respective Warbonds and their associated Medal costs:

– G-6 Frag: Low-damage, short-fuse grenade – 2 Medals
– SG-8 Punisher: Pump shotgun – 4 Medals
– P-19 Redeemer: Rapid-fire machine pistol – 5 Medals
– R-63 Diligence: Marksman rifle – 8 Medals
– SMG-37 Defender: Slow-firing sub-machine gun – 15 Medals
– SG-225 Breaker: Rapid-fire, magazine-fed shotgun – 20 Medals
– G-16 Impact: High-damage grenade that explodes on impact – 20 Medals
– LAS-5 Scythe: Laser beam weapon – 30 Medals
– AR-23P Liberator Penetrator: Liberator variant with improved armor penetration – 40 Medals
– R-63CS Diligence Counter Sniper: High-damage Diligence sniper variant – 40 Medals
– G-3 Smoke: Smoke grenade – 25 Medals
– SG-8S Slugger: Slug-firing Punisher variant – 60 Medals
– SG-225SP Breaker Spray&Pray: Drum-magazine Breaker variant – 60 Medals
– PLAS-1 Scorcher: Explosive energy weapon – 75 Medals
– P-4 Senator: High-damage revolver – 15 Medals
– AR-23E Liberator Explosive: Slow-firing Liberator variant with explosive ammo – 20 Medals
– G-10 Incendiary: Grenade that explodes with a fireball – 25 Medals
– SG-225IE Breaker Incendiary: High-capacity Breaker variant with incendiary ammo – 60 Medals
– JAR-5 Dominator: High-capacity explosive weapon – 80 Medals

Now that you have a comprehensive list of the available weapons in Helldivers 2, it’s crucial to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Consult our extensive tier list to identify the best weapons suited to your playstyle and objectives. By utilizing the most effective weapons, you can maximize your combat potential and achieve success in your missions.

Unlocking weapons in Helldivers 2 is undoubtedly a grind, but it is a crucial aspect of the game that enhances the overall experience. By spending Medals on Warbonds, you can unlock a plethora of weapons to diversify your arsenal and adapt to different combat scenarios. Remember to strategize your progression, prioritize essential weapons, and experiment with different loadouts to find the perfect combination for your playstyle. With dedication and a deep understanding of the weapon system, you can become a formidable force in the war against the bugs.


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