The GTA Online Jack O’ Lanterns are making a spooky return to Los Santos and Blaine County, and it’s time to start hunting for them once again. With a total of 200 scattered across the map, finding these pumpkin collectibles shouldn’t be too challenging. You’ll spot these festive decorations outside most properties, and as you embark on your search, your controller will vibrate when you’re near one. However, be cautious, as grabbing a Jack O’ Lantern comes with a risk vs reward element. Each pumpkin contains a random Trick or Treat, which could either reward you with cash or RP, or it could result in unforeseen consequences such as being stoned or being flung through the air by a massive electric shock!

To earn the daily bonus, you only need to collect 10 Jack O’ Lanterns each day. With a staggering 200 locations, this could consume a significant amount of your time and effort. However, there is a convenient spot to grab the daily 10 near the Del Perro Pier, located at Vespucci Canals. This area is considered a safe location, and all 10 Jack O’ Lanterns are within a short distance from each other. Time is of the essence, as the Jack O’ Lanterns respawn over time, allowing you to return to this area on a daily basis to complete the task. Alternatively, if you prefer to explore different areas, provides a comprehensive list of all the Jack O’ Lantern locations.

Each time you collect 10 Jack O’ Lanterns within a daily period, you’ll receive a bonus of GTA$50,000. To track your progress, open the Interaction Menu, choose Inventory, and select Daily Collectibles. From there, you can monitor your progress under the Trick or Treat section. Rockstar has also confirmed that there will be a rare Halloween-themed item awarded to players who collect all 200 Jack O’ Lanterns scattered around the map. Leaked files indicate that this item might be a Pumpkin Tee, but the decision to put in the extra effort for this reward is up to you.

Tricks and Treats

As you embark on your quest to collect the Jack O’ Lanterns, you’ll receive either a Trick or a Treat every time you pick one up. The contents of these rewards are completely random, making each pumpkin a surprise. Some examples of Tricks include an Energy Pulse, a trip induced by the GTA Online Peyote Plants, a shocking experience, being stoned, or being atomized. On the other hand, Treats can come in the form of 1,000 RP, random amounts of GTA$, health and armor, or snacks. The element of surprise adds an extra layer of excitement to the collection process, as you never know what you’ll receive.

The GTA Online Jack O’ Lanterns provide a festive and rewarding experience for players during the Halloween season. The hunt for these collectibles is both thrilling and unpredictable, with the potential for great rewards or unexpected tricks. Whether you choose to focus on the daily bonus or go the extra mile to collect all 200 pumpkins and unlock a rare Halloween-themed item, the choice is yours. So grab your flashlight, brace yourself for some spooky surprises, and dive into the haunted streets of Los Santos and Blaine County to find those mysterious GTA Online Jack O’ Lanterns.


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