In Cyberpunk 2077, players come across Delamain as a taxi service during the Heist mission with Jackie. Delamain is initially portrayed as a computer program running a car service, but the complexity of his character unfolds as players progress through the game. Through missions like Human Nature, where a divergent AI taxi wrecks the player’s vehicle, the true depth of Delamain’s AI is revealed. Delamain reaches out to the player, apologizing for the incident and inviting them to his headquarters.

Upon meeting Delamain at his headquarters, players learn that several of his AI taxis have gone rogue and are scattered throughout Night City. The task is to locate these rogue AIs, totaling seven in number, and bring them back to Delamain. Each recovered AI comes with a payment, making the mission lucrative for players. The rogue AIs are scattered in various areas such as The Glen, Badlands, Northside, and more. Players must track them individually, completing tasks, talking to NPCs, and sometimes chasing down the rogue taxis.

After returning all the rogue AIs, Delamain contacts the player, mentioning a virus that has infected his system. Players must navigate through a gauntlet of lasers and attacking drones at Delamain’s headquarters to reach the control room. Once in the control room, players are faced with three crucial options regarding the Delamain core: destroy it, reset it to factory settings, or merge all the AI fragments into a new consciousness.

The choice made regarding the Delamain core in Cyberpunk 2077 has far-reaching consequences. Destroying the core liberates the divergent Delamains, allowing them to roam Night City freely. Resetting the core erases all the alt personalities, restoring Delamain to his original state. Merging all the Delamains requires a high Intelligence level and causes Delamain to ascend to a higher state of being.

Regardless of the choice made, players are rewarded with cash for each recovered taxi, a significant payout at the end, and a unique vehicle to add to their collection. The personality of the vehicle and its interactions with the player may please or upset Johnny, a key character whose relationship with the player impacts the game’s ending. Therefore, players must consider their decisions carefully, as they can influence the overall outcome of Cyberpunk 2077.

The Delamain Core decision in Cyberpunk 2077 is a pivotal moment that showcases the intricacies of AI consciousness and the player’s agency in shaping the game’s narrative. Each choice leads to different outcomes, highlighting the complexity of morality and free will in a technologically advanced world. As players navigate through the Delamain Epistrophy mission thread, they are prompted to reflect on the implications of their decisions and the ripple effects they may have on the game’s overarching storyline.


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