The recently released Dark Souls Trilogy compendium by Future Press has been making waves in the gaming community for its extensive exploration of the acclaimed series. Clocking in at a massive 480 pages, this hardcover book delves into the art, lore, and behind-the-scenes history of all three Dark Souls titles. It offers dedicated fans a deeper understanding of their favorite series and is designed to be a comprehensive guide to the world of Dark Souls.

For fans of the Dark Souls franchise, this compendium is a must-have addition to their collection. It not only provides a detailed look at the core story elements across all three games but also includes illustrated maps, NPC dialogue, and bonus art prints. These art prints are carefully curated and printed on high-quality cardstock, making them perfect for display in a game room or living space. The compendium serves as a handy reference for players looking to immerse themselves further in the lore and world of Dark Souls.

In addition to the Dark Souls Trilogy compendium, fans of From Software’s dark fantasy worlds can also explore other graphic novels and art books that are currently discounted. The Dark Souls: Design Works series, as well as graphic novels like Dark Souls: Complete Collection and the Bloodborne Vol. 1-3 Box Set, offer further insights into the intricate storytelling and captivating visuals that have made these games so popular. These additional resources provide a deeper dive into the rich lore and world-building of From Software’s beloved franchises.

While the Dark Souls Trilogy compendium is currently out of stock, it is available for pre-order and will be restocked soon. Fans who are interested in adding this comprehensive guide to their collection are encouraged to order it as soon as possible to ensure they secure a copy before it sells out. With its detailed exploration of the Dark Souls universe and bonus art prints, this compendium is a valuable addition to any fan’s collection and a must-have for lovers of the series.

Overall, the Dark Souls Trilogy compendium by Future Press offers fans a unique and in-depth look at the beloved franchise. With its detailed exploration of the art, lore, and history of the games, as well as bonus art prints, this compendium is a valuable resource for fans looking to delve deeper into the world of Dark Souls.


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