Hotfix 21 for Baldur’s Gate 3 has recently been released on all platforms, with the exception of Xbox. One of the key features that this hotfix addresses is the ability to seamlessly transfer items between companions, a popular feature among players since its implementation.

The ability to transfer items between companions in Baldur’s Gate 3 was considered one of the best post-launch changes by developer Larian. Players welcomed the flexibility of being able to swap items between all companions at any time, whether they were in the party or at camp. However, in recent weeks, it appeared that this feature had broken, prompting the release of hotfix 21 to address the issue.

In addition to fixing the item transfer system, hotfix 21 also includes several bug fixes and improvements. One notable bug involved Gale’s ‘bad’ ending, where the character would blow himself up atop the Netherbrain, turning the player character into a mote and preventing interaction in the epilogue scene. This fix was likely a relief to players who encountered this issue after investing hours into their playthrough.

Hotfix 21 also addresses various crash issues, such as new error checkers for failed saves, crashes during character creation, and crashes during specific in-game transitions. One particular fix prevents a crash that occurred during the transition between speaking to Dame Aylin and Shadowheart’s dream sequence, enhancing the overall stability of the game.

Unfortunately, hotfixes 20 and 21 are still undergoing testing for Xbox Series X due to a crash bug specific to that platform. As a result, cross-saves may not be compatible with platforms that have already received these hotfixes. Larian has assured Xbox players that they are working diligently to bring these updates to the platform as soon as possible to minimize any inconvenience.

The release of hotfix 21 for Baldur’s Gate 3 highlights the importance of ongoing maintenance and support for the game. Addressing critical issues such as broken features, bugs, and crashes is essential for providing players with a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. As developers continue to listen to player feedback and release timely updates, the overall quality and stability of Baldur’s Gate 3 will only continue to improve.


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