Are you aware that within the world of Helldivers 2, there exist certain planets housing training bases that provide significant liberation boosts to all other planets under Super Earth’s control? Surprisingly, many freedom fighters are oblivious to this crucial information. The recent Major Order alert highlighted the presence of Super Earth Armed Forces (SEAF) training bases on specific planets, sending recruits to support the ongoing liberation efforts against Automatons and Terminids. Each SEAF base offers a bonus in the form of a percentage increase, amplifying the collective effort towards liberating all planets. However, there is a catch – the bonus is only active as long as the planet remains under Super Earth’s control.

Consider the case of Vernen Wells, which was making it 5% easier for the freedom fighters to liberate other planets. Unfortunately, when the planet fell into the hands of the Automatons and its SEAF facility was destroyed, the task of overturning the enemy’s dominance on all planets became 5% more challenging. A common misconception among players is the belief that if a previously lost planet is reclaimed, the bonus would be reinstated. However, this is not the case. Once an SEAF-occupied planet is overtaken by the Automatons or Terminids, the associated bonus is lost permanently.

The lack of clarity surrounding SEAF planets has sparked a wave of discussion within the Helldivers 2 community. Players are calling for a more explicit indication of these crucial planets to prioritize their defense. The suggestion of marking SEAF planets with a distinctive emblem on the map has garnered significant support, with numerous players expressing the need for a visual cue to highlight the importance of these planets. The community’s desire for a clearer presentation of vital information reflects the common sentiment that without proper guidance, important details can easily be overlooked amidst other in-game distractions.

While Helldivers 2 does provide some information regarding SEAF planets, the community’s plea for a more prominent display of this critical feature is justified. In the absence of a formal Public Service Announcement (PSA), players are encouraged to actively defend planets such as Heeth, Angel’s Venture, and Aesir Pass – the remaining planets offering bonuses essential to the fight for democracy. Ensuring the protection of these strategic planets is not only a tactical necessity but a collective responsibility in the battle against oppression.

By raising awareness of the significance of SEAF planets and the impact of their liberation bonuses, players can better strategize and allocate resources effectively to further the cause of freedom in Helldivers 2. As the war against the Automatons and Terminids rages on, the defense of these planets becomes increasingly crucial in tipping the scales towards victory. It is time for all freedom fighters to unite, prioritize the defense of SEAF planets, and stand together in the fight for democracy.


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