Former employees of the now-defunct Free Radical Design have recently released concept art from the assumed-to-be-cancelled TimeSplitters reboot. This revelation provides us with an exclusive opportunity to witness the game that was never officially unveiled. As we delve into the shared files, we are treated to glimpses of various stages, environments, and character designs, offering a tantalizing taste of what could have been.

The collection of concept art, which has made its way to platforms like ArtStation, social media, and the community-based Free Radical wiki, showcases the intricate details painstakingly crafted by the talented artists. These files present us with a diverse array of visuals, including rock formations, building blocks, water tankers, ladders, and other intriguing objects. Each piece of art immerses us in a different facet of the game world, leaving us yearning for more.

Among the unveiled concept art, one stage stands out – the mysterious “Brutalist Level.” This enigmatic setting takes place within a mountain or mine, adorned with brick architecture and edgy designs. As we venture further, we discover an outer landscape characterized by ice floes and prison-like structures. Another captivating level, aptly named “Western,” transports players to a classic frontier setting, complete with a saloon, dusty plains, and Western-themed buildings. This particular environment possesses an exhilarating atmosphere, perfect for the exhilarating first-person shooter gameplay that TimeSplitters is renowned for.

The realm of concept art comes alive with an assortment of fascinating characters. Alfred Turner, the game’s concept artist, has created a captivating cast that sparks the imagination. Among his works, we encounter a little girl in a red pinafore, a fairy woman, a morally ambiguous nun, a clown, a ringmaster with massive thighs, a lady donning a lobster suit, a medieval maiden-slave, a half-eaten zombie cop, and a mutated priest. Each character breathes life into the unreleased project, leaving us contemplating their potential roles and narratives within the game.

Regrettably, these captivating visuals serve as the final remnants of Free Radical Design’s ambitious plans for the TimeSplitters reboot. With the studio’s closure and the freezing of the franchise, we are left only with these concept art pieces to fuel our fascination. Each stroke of the artist’s brush and every intricately designed detail now becomes a bittersweet reminder of the untold adventures that could have unfolded before us.

As we gaze upon the unreleased concept art, we are transported to a realm of unfulfilled potential and untrodden paths. The beauty and imagination contained within these images evoke a sense of longing for what could have been. The TimeSplitters reboot could have breathed new life into the beloved franchise, captivating gamers once again with its unique blend of fast-paced action and inventive storytelling. Alas, all we can do now is marvel at the talent showcased in the concept art and ponder the infinite possibilities that lie forever lost in the depths of an unrealized dream.


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