In the mystical realm of video games, magic has often been a captivating theme. One such game that delves into the representation of magic is Reka, developed by Fireshine Games and published by Emberstorm Entertainment. This curious and moody survival-ish adventure takes players on a journey as an apprentice witch, traveling the land in a chicken-legged cottage lent by the enigmatic mentor, the Baba Jaga. While Reka is still in its early access phase with a release window set for Q2 2024, it already promises a unique and enchanting experience for players.

Expanding Horizons: The Mobile Cottage of Wonders

The most intriguing aspect of Reka is the chicken-legged cottage that serves as the player’s mobile base. Unlike traditional static bases, this cottage allows you to expand its size with second-floor extensions and decorate the interior with jaunty wooden furniture. While Reka may not currently offer the option to employ gingerbread during construction or the ability to fly on a broomstick, these features may be added as the game progresses towards its full release. The mobile aspect of the cottage adds an element of exploration and freedom, allowing players to traverse the vast and atmospheric landscapes with ease.

Reka draws inspiration from various games, resulting in a unique blend of Valheim and Black Book. Alongside building up your cottage, you’ll embark on journeys through the world to tame creatures, learn nature and earth-based magic, and gather ingredients for potions and herbal concoctions. The quests, assigned by villagers, offer players the choice to heal and aid them or embrace their inner wickedness by deploying curses and poisons. This flexibility allows players to live out their dreams of being a benevolent healer or a malevolent hag lurking in the depths of the woods.

Reka’s forest landscapes exude an atmospheric charm, with ethereal rays of sunlight piercing through the foliage and encounters with spectral deer. However, what sets these landscapes apart is their procedurally generated nature. The ever-changing environments make it easier for players to accept the idea of constructing and expanding their chicken-legged cottage upon the forest floor. Within these mystical, ever-evolving realms, combat may seem out of place, but the prospect of engaging in a magical duel with a rival enchantress in their own walking house adds an enticing layer of intrigue to the game.

One captivating aspect of Reka is its potion-brewing user interface, which immerses players in the process of crafting using an actual hearth fire, illustrated recipe cards, and a chopping board. Although the available recipes may not be excessively occult, the attention to detail and the interactive nature of the gameplay adds an extra layer of enchantment to the overall experience. From creating simple concoctions like porridge to mastering complex spells, Reka embraces players as apprentices in the mystical arts.

Emberstorm Entertainment, the Berlin-based indie team behind Reka, consists of a group of passionate individuals who crossed paths while studying game design at university. Their mission is to create games that are inclusive, enjoyable, and visually stunning. Reka certainly exemplifies their dedication to these values and promises an immersive and breathtaking adventure that deserves attention from both avid gamers and fans of magical worlds alike. With their unique approach to storytelling and game design, Emberstorm Entertainment leaves players eagerly anticipating Reka’s official release.

Reka showcases a world brimming with magic, enchantment, and mystery. As players embark on their journey as an apprentice witch, the immersive gameplay, stunning visuals, and engaging quests offer a truly unique experience. With its mobile cottage, expansive landscapes, and captivating crafting system, Reka transports players into a realm where witches and magical creatures roam freely. Emberstorm Entertainment’s dedication to inclusivity and visual excellence shines through, making Reka a highly anticipated game within the gaming community. Get ready to step into a world where sorcery and adventure intertwine in the enchanting realm of Reka.


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