Imagine finding yourself trapped in a reality TV show where the penalty for unpopularity is death. That’s the predicament our protagonist, Trevor Hills, faces in the upcoming game American Arcadia. With his ordinary appearance and lackluster personality, Trevor must find a way to escape this deadly game and survive. Raw Fury, the publisher of the game, has recently announced that it will be released on November 19th via Steam, and they have also provided a free demo for those who want a sneak peek behind the scenes.

A Retro-futuristic Setting

American Arcadia, both as a show and a game, presents players with a beautifully elaborate set inspired by 1970s retro-futurism. With its striking visuals and intricate design, the game brings to mind the puzzley platforming of another popular title, Inside. However, what sets American Arcadia apart is its use of a pulled-back camera perspective that gives players the feeling of constant surveillance, reminiscent of infamous reality shows like Big Brother and The Truman Show.

A Dual Protagonist Narrative

While the game initially focuses on Trevor’s desperate attempts to escape, trailers have hinted at the introduction of a second playable protagonist, Angela Solano. Angela, a stage technician on the show, brings a new perspective to the game. Her first-person sections involve solving puzzles, manipulating security cameras, and exploring simulated environments. This addition provides a refreshing change of pace and adds depth to the overall gameplay experience.

With the developers of American Arcadia, Out Of The Blue, having previously worked on the critically acclaimed game Call Of The Sea, it’s no surprise that the attention to detail and immersive gameplay are top-notch. In fact, our own Ed Thron was left speechless after trying out the game last year. He remarked, “I was genuinely gripped from the moment I stepped into Trevor’s shoes.” Such high praise from a seasoned gamer speaks volumes about the quality of this upcoming release.

American Arcadia promises to be a mind-bending adventure that will captivate players with its unique concept and engaging gameplay. The combination of a deadly reality show setting, retro-futuristic aesthetics, and a compelling dual protagonist narrative make this game one to watch out for. Whether you’re a fan of puzzle-platformers or enjoy exploring richly designed worlds, American Arcadia offers an experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression. So mark your calendars for November 19th and get ready to enter the twisted and thrilling world of American Arcadia.


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