A man named Mark Chase recently made a surprising claim that George Lucas, the renowned creator of Star Wars, photobombed his family’s vacation photo at Disney World nearly 20 years ago. Chase shared the photo on Twitter, which shows his family enjoying their trip in 2005. However, upon developing the picture, they noticed a familiar-looking person in the background. Initially, they had jokingly speculated that it might be George Lucas, but upon closer examination, they became convinced that it could actually be him.

Intrigued by their finding, the Chase family decided to conduct further investigation. They discovered that George Lucas was indeed present at Disney World on the exact day they were there in February 2005. Matching up the attire of the person in the photo with Lucas’ outfit that day, including his shoes, pants, belt, and watch, seemed to provide substantial evidence supporting their theory. The family was astonished by the discovery and wanted to find confirmation from reliable sources.

Mark Chase’s social media post quickly went viral, generating an enormous response from the online community. Within a short span, the tweet received 50,000 likes and garnered over 5.5 million impressions. Even the official Star Wars Twitter account caught wind of the photo and responded with the eyes emoji, indicating their intrigue. The internet loves a good mystery, and this intriguing claim certainly provided fodder for discussion and speculation.

If the person in the background of the vacation photo is indeed George Lucas, it wouldn’t be the first time he accidentally appeared on camera. In the past, he was caught stumbling into the frame of a documentary being filmed on the street. Lucas, who sold the Star Wars franchise to Disney in 2012 for a staggering $4.05 billion, has had a complex relationship with the iconic series. He later admitted feeling betrayed by Disney during the deal but believed it was ultimately the right decision. Since the acquisition, Disney has released a new trilogy of movies and various spin-offs, with plans for a future trilogy featuring the return of Daisy Ridley as Rey.

The Quest for Confirmation

Mark Chase and his family hope that the virality of their discovery will lead to concrete confirmation regarding the identity of the mysterious figure in their photo. It remains to be seen whether an official confirmation will come forth, but the internet’s fascination with the story might just propel it in the right direction. While some might dismiss this as a mere coincidence or mistaken identity, the compelling evidence and the sheer excitement surrounding the claim have sparked curiosity among both Star Wars enthusiasts and casual observers.

A Photobomb for the Ages

Whether the person in the background of the Chase family’s vacation photo turns out to be George Lucas or not, this unexpected development adds another layer to the family’s cherished memory. It serves as a reminder of the magic and unpredictability of life, even in seemingly ordinary moments. The power of social media has once again demonstrated its ability to captivate and engage people’s imaginations, creating a buzz that only time will tell if it leads to a definitive resolution.

In the end, the mystery of the supposed Lucas photobomb may never be fully solved, but the excitement it has generated is a testament to the enduring appeal and cultural significance of George Lucas and his iconic creation, Star Wars.


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