Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 has introduced a brand new battle pass featuring a strong wasteland mayhem theme. With the game still in downtime, let’s take a closer look at the new lineup of skins that come with this season’s battle pass.

The battle pass for Chapter 5 Season 3 brings us a diverse group of characters, each fitting into the post-apocalyptic wasteland aesthetic. From powerful heroes to menacing villains, let’s meet the new additions:
– T-60 Power Armor
– Rust
– Ringmaster Scarr
– The Machinist
– Megalo Don
– Brite Raider
– Magneto
– Peabody

The T-60 Power Armor is a recognizable figure from the Fallout series and Amazon Prime Video hit. Rust, a reimagining of the classic Rust Lord skin, has been given a makeover that suits the wasteland setting of this season. Ringmaster Scarr, the boss of Nitro Drome, adds a unique touch to the battle pass lineup. The Machinist, a skilled mechanic at Redline Rig, brings a new level of danger to the game. Megalo Don, the brute force character, can be encountered at Brutal Beachhead. Brite Raider receives a tough makeover, perfect for surviving in the warzone. Magneto, a well-known Marvel antagonist, makes his debut in Fortnite. Lastly, Peabody adds a quirky touch as the Weird Little Guy of the season, featuring a trio of legendary legumes.

As Fortnite downtime continues, players can look forward to images of all eight new skins in the battle pass once the game is back online. The season promises plenty of action and excitement with these unique characters joining the fray. Stay tuned for more updates as the season progresses.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 brings a fresh lineup of skins that embody the wasteland mayhem theme of this season’s battle pass. From iconic figures to new additions, players can expect a thrilling gameplay experience with these diverse characters. As the season unfolds, keep an eye out for more exciting content and updates in Fortnite.


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