As you progress in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, you may find yourself wondering how to prestige. The answer to this question may not be immediately clear, as the option to prestige is currently absent in the game. In this article, we will explore the concept of prestiging in Modern Warfare 3 and what changes have been made since last year.

At the time of writing, players cannot prestige in Modern Warfare 3 until Season 1 starts. The exact start date of Season 1 has not been confirmed yet, but it is expected to be sometime in December. Once Season 1 begins, any player who has reached level 55 will automatically enter prestige and continue leveling up from level 56 to level 99 during this season. Subsequent seasons will allow players to progress from level 100 to 149 in Season 2, level 150 to 199 in Season 3, level 200 to 249 in Season 4, and level 250 and beyond in Season 5.

One important change in the prestige system is that players no longer lose all their weapons and attachments when they enter prestige. Previously, prestiging meant starting from scratch and unlocking all the weapons and attachments again. However, in Modern Warfare 3, once you unlock something, it stays unlocked, eliminating the need to grind through the levels to regain access to your favorite weapons.

Additional Benefits of Prestiging

While the specifics of the prestige system in Modern Warfare 3 are not yet fully known, it is likely that there will be additional benefits to prestiging. These may include cosmetic items such as calling cards and emblems, as well as more challenging tasks to complete. The introduction of these new challenges gives players something to strive towards and adds variety to the gameplay experience.

More details about the prestige system in Modern Warfare 3 are expected to be revealed closer to the start of Season 1. It is important to stay updated with announcements from the game developers as they will provide valuable information on how the system works and what rewards players can expect. GamesRadar+ will also keep their guide updated with the latest information, so be sure to check back for updates on the prestige system.

While the absence of the prestige option in Modern Warfare 3 may be frustrating for players who have reached level 55, it is important to remember that Season 1 will bring the opportunity to prestige and continue leveling up. The changes implemented in the prestige system, such as retaining unlocked weapons and introducing new challenges, aim to enhance the overall gameplay experience and provide players with additional goals to achieve. Keep an eye out for the start of Season 1 and take advantage of the prestige system to further immerse yourself in the world of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.


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