When it comes to screen technology, IPS panels have often been criticized for their lack of contrast. However, LG recently introduced IPS Black technology, promising double the contrast of a typical IPS panel. While initially limited to 60Hz models for corporate use, Dell has now released a pair of new IPS Black monitors that operate at a more gamery 120Hz refresh rate. Although these monitors are still marketed towards business users, the possibility of IPS gaming panels with improved contrast is intriguing. In this article, we will explore the specifications of the new Dell U2724D and U2724DE monitors and discuss the potential impact of IPS Black technology on gaming displays.

The Dell U2724D and U2724DE are 27-inch monitors with a 1440p resolution and IPS Black technology. This technology elevates the contrast ratio to 2,000:1, double that of traditional IPS panels. While some claim that IPS panels can achieve a contrast ratio of 1,300:1, VA panels still outperform IPS with a maximum contrast ratio of 4,000:1. The brightness of these Dell monitors is rated at 350 nits, and they provide 98% coverage of the DCI-P3 color space. With a claimed response time of 5ms, it is evident that these monitors are not explicitly designed with gaming in mind. The U2724DE model offers additional features such as Thunderbolt 3 compatibility, an RJ45 Ethernet connection, and a KVM function.

While the idea of IPS gaming panels with improved contrast is enticing, it is important to acknowledge the limitations of IPS Black technology. Some argue that contrast may not matter much in a world where full-array dimming is available in many high-end gaming monitors. By reducing the backlight, light leakage issues commonly associated with IPS panels can be mitigated. However, current desktop dimming implementations are often cumbersome, and inherent contrast improvement would offer a simpler and more effective solution. The problem lies in the fact that existing iterations of IPS Black technology have proven to be underwhelming. Previous tests of Dell’s IPS Black monitor suggested that the subjective improvement in contrast, black levels, and vibrancy was minimal compared to a regular IPS panel. While the 27-inch version of the monitor has not been evaluated yet, there is hope that it will showcase significant advancements.

The success of IPS Black technology in gaming monitors hinges on its ability to deliver noticeable improvements in contrast and visual quality. If the new 27-inch Dell monitor demonstrates significant enhancements, it may pave the way for IPS Black panels in gaming displays. Gamers often prioritize vibrant colors, deep blacks, and high contrast ratios to enhance their visual experience. Therefore, IPS Black technology that can compete with or surpass the performance of VA panels would be highly sought after in the gaming market. However, it remains to be seen whether IPS Black can deliver on its promise and gain popularity among gamers.

The introduction of IPS Black technology by LG has opened up possibilities for improved contrast in IPS panels. Although Dell has released new IPS Black monitors that operate at 120Hz, these models are primarily targeted towards business users. The success of IPS Black technology in gaming monitors would depend on its ability to provide a noticeable improvement in contrast and visual quality. While previous iterations of IPS Black have been underwhelming, the hope is that the new 27-inch Dell monitor will showcase significant advancements. Gamers looking for vibrant colors, deep blacks, and high contrast ratios may find IPS Black panels appealing if they prove to be competitive with VA panels. Ultimately, time will tell whether IPS Black technology can revolutionize the gaming monitor market.


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