If you’re a gamer over the age of 30 with a decent amount of disposable income, then you’ve almost certainly heard of the Quarter Arcades range. These 1/4-scale reproductions of famous coin-ops have taken the gaming world by storm, capturing the hearts of nostalgic players everywhere. With collaborations from industry giants like Namco, Taito, and Konami, the Quarter Arcades family continues to expand its lineup, offering beloved classics in a more accessible and compact form.

Among the Quarter Arcades’ impressive roster of games, the arrival of Konami’s 1989 coin-op Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is set to elevate the collection to new heights, especially for players of a certain age. Released at a time when the world was captivated by the heroic quartet in a half-shell, this side-scrolling fighter quickly became one of the most popular arcade games of its time. Its presence was felt in amusement arcades, leisure centers, pizza parlors, and even fish-and-chip shops across the globe.

True to their commitment to authenticity, Quarter Arcades has meticulously recreated the TMNT arcade experience. Everything from the four-player control deck to the illuminated marquee and colorful side panel artwork has been faithfully reproduced. Remarkably, Quarter Arcades has gone even further by accurately replicating the original cabinet’s credit system, which allowed players to control different turtles depending on the coin slot they used. The inclusion of four color-coded stickers, used to denote the character assigned to each coin slot, further enhances the nostalgic charm of this replica.

Similar to other Quarter Arcades units, the TMNT replica runs via emulation. By default, a scanline filter is applied, giving the display a retro feel. However, some users have noted a slight distortion towards the bottom of the screen, resulting in darker lines. Fortunately, Quarter Arcades has provided a solution by including a settings menu accessible by holding down specific buttons during boot. This allows players to disable the CRT scanline feature if they prefer a cleaner visual experience.

Although the TMNT cabinet features four sets of fully functioning controls, accommodating four players around such a compact unit can be challenging. Quarter Arcades has anticipated this issue and incorporated four USB ports on the front of the cabinet, cleverly hidden behind flaps that mimic the coin slots of a full-size arcade machine. While Quarter Arcades sells its own two-button NES-style USB pads, the cabinet is also compatible with various USB controllers, including the Switch Pro controller. Thus, finding three additional controllers for a four-player session should not pose a significant challenge.

One limitation of the TMNT cabinet is the absence of HDMI connectivity. This omission makes it difficult for a group of adults to view the screen simultaneously, detracting somewhat from the multiplayer experience. Additionally, with Konami’s arcade game available on modern consoles through the Cowabunga Collection, casual fans may question the need to invest £250 in a miniature replica. However, it’s essential to consider that Quarter Arcades caters primarily to collectors with a deep appreciation for nostalgia and the desire to curate an enviable gaming den.

The Quarter Arcades Collection continues to impress with its remarkable attention to detail and eye-catching designs. The TMNT replica is no exception, capturing the hearts of fans who hold a special place for the heroic reptilian ninjas. Whether or not this miniature arcade machine is worth the investment ultimately depends on one’s affection for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the appeal of having these charming relics of the past adorning one’s living space. For those with a passion for nostalgia and ample resources to spare, the Quarter Arcades TMNT cabinet is the perfect addition to their gaming sanctuary.

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