Destiny 2 players have long memories. The combination of Recluse, The Mountaintop, and Luna’s Howl brought nightmares to many. Now, the news of their return in the upcoming Into the Light update has sparked both excitement and concern. Bungie claims that these weapons are making a comeback, but this time with adjustments to prevent them from being game-breaking. The infamous Recluse is back with its Master of Arms perk, but with a damage bonus reduced to 15%. Will this be enough to keep the game balanced?

The Mountaintop’s Evolution

The Mountaintop, known for its unique micro-missile perk, has also undergone changes. Previously, it dominated both PvE and PvP with its one-hit kill potential. However, Bungie has made adjustments to ensure that it remains competitive without being overpowered. The removal of the one-hit kill ability in PvP and improvements in impact damage aim to make The Mountaintop a viable choice among other Breech-Loaded Grenade Launchers. Will these changes be enough to keep it in check?

Luna’s Howl: Balancing Power

Luna’s Howl, a fearsome Competitive PvP weapon, is also making a comeback with adjustments. Bungie aims to bring back its potential to two-tap Guardians in PvP, but with a higher skill requirement. Players will need to land precise final blows to trigger its powerful two-tap damage buff, which can be extended by getting kills with the buff active. Despite these changes, many still have concerns about the strength of Luna’s Howl in the current meta. Will it still be a force to be reckoned with?

The return of these iconic weapons in Destiny 2 raises questions about the balance of the game. While Bungie has made efforts to prevent them from being as dominant as before, players remain wary of their impact on the meta. Only time will tell whether these changes will usher in a new era of gameplay or revive the dark days of the past. Destiny 2 enthusiasts eagerly await the Into the Light update to see how these legendary weapons will shape the future of the game.


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