In a recent exchange, a CD Projekt Red executive took a subtle jab at Ubisoft’s attempt to classify Skull and Bones as a “AAAA” game. The AAA label, often used by major game companies, is more of a marketing gimmick rather than an indicator of quality. Ubisoft’s move to label their delayed multiplayer pirate game as “AAAA” did not sit well with players, who questioned the justification for its high price tag.

With the increasing cost of game development, the industry is witnessing the emergence of the AAA Arms Race. Skull and Bones may have been the first game to be labeled as “AAAA,” but CD Projekt Red has raised the stakes by hinting at the release of the world’s first AAAAA game. The Witcher 4 and a Cyberpunk sequel are in the works, promising to deliver a gaming experience beyond the traditional AAA standard.

Aside from the ambitious AAAAA game concept, CD Projekt Red has also teased fans with hints about The Witcher 4. The upcoming RPG is set to introduce new gameplay elements and mechanics that will set it apart from the original trilogy. While details are scarce at this time, the promise of innovation and evolution in the next installment is enough to keep fans eagerly awaiting more information.

As the gaming industry continues to evolve, the conversation around game development and categorization will also progress. The concept of AAAAA games introduces a new standard for excellence and innovation, challenging developers to push the boundaries of creativity and technology. CD Projekt Red’s bold move towards creating the first AAAAA game sets a new benchmark for the industry and paves the way for future groundbreaking releases.


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