Speedrunners are known for their efficiency and ability to skip anything in games that can save valuable seconds off their runs. However, one record chaser decided to take a different approach during her speedrun of Alan Wake 2. Tainted Tali chose to sacrifice precious time to showcase a now-iconic musical number in the game. The decision to let the section play rather than skip it was a bold move that garnered attention and praise.

The classic song and dance section in Alan Wake 2 is a standout moment, breaking away from the otherwise oppressive atmosphere of the game. This scene has become so memorable that the game’s creative director even performed the number at the Game Awards. The decision to include this section in the speedrun, and to even stand up and perform it with a crew of backup dancers, added a unique and unexpected element to Tainted Tali’s run.

Despite the fact that the musical number added extra time to her speedrun, Tainted Tali expressed that it was worth it to showcase the game in a different light. The streamer’s dedication to highlighting this special moment in Alan Wake 2 resonated with viewers and created a buzz on social media. While some may view the extended scene as a hindrance to efficiency, Tainted Tali’s passion for the game shone through in her decision to embrace and celebrate it.

In response to a viewer’s question about the length of the musical number and the waiting involved, Tainted Tali acknowledged that it may have been on the longer side, but her love for the game made it a non-issue. This sentiment is echoed in the broader gaming community, with Alan Wake 2 receiving high praise and recognition for its unique approach to storytelling and gameplay. The game’s dual protagonists and unexpected twists have cemented its status as a standout title in the Remedy Connected Universe.

The sacrifice of time for the sake of showcasing a memorable moment in a speedrun is a testament to the passion and creativity of gamers like Tainted Tali. By embracing the musical number in Alan Wake 2, she not only added a unique flair to her run but also highlighted the game in a new and exciting way. This bold move serves as a reminder that sometimes stepping away from the traditional path can lead to unexpected and rewarding experiences in gaming.


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