Popular game developers Fool’s Theory and 11 bit studios have recently announced a short delay for their highly anticipated horror adventure game, The Thaumaturge. Originally set to launch in mid-February of 2024, the game will now be released on 4 March 2024. This delay comes as a result of the “busy launch period” in February, with major releases such as Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, Skull and Bones, and Nightingale competing for attention.

In a statement, Fool’s Theory explained that while the game is complete and ready to go, they want to give it the space and time it deserves to be truly enjoyed. This decision shows the developer’s dedication to delivering the best possible experience for players, away from the overshadowing presence of other high-profile releases.

A Unique Premise and Gothic Inspirations

The Thaumaturge offers a unique premise that sets it apart from other horror adventure games. The story follows a man named Wiktor Szulski, who possesses the gift of thaumaturgy – the ability to see magical and demonic entities. Set in 20th Century Warsaw, the game delves into family drama as Wiktor navigates the streets and confronts supernatural beings.

Described as an “isometric, story-rich RPG,” The Thaumaturge draws inspiration from gothic aesthetics and narrative elements. This influence is evocative of Don’t Nod’s popular game Vampyr, which also explores a gloomy, supernatural world. Players will have the agency to shape Wiktor’s path through the game, making tough choices that will have lasting consequences.

A Chance to Shine

With its intriguing premise and captivating gothic inspirations, The Thaumaturge deserves the opportunity to shine amidst the bustling gaming calendar. By allowing it to release after the busy launch period, Fool’s Theory and 11 bit studios are ensuring that players can fully immerse themselves in this dark and atmospheric adventure.

While fans eagerly await the game’s release, it is reassuring to know that the delays are solely to provide an optimal experience rather than due to development issues. The developers have confirmed that the game is complete, leaving no room for further delays. This commitment to quality shows the dedication and passion of the development team.

The Thaumaturge promises to be an exceptional horror adventure game that offers a unique and immersive experience. With its gothic inspirations, compelling storyline, and the ability to shape the protagonist’s journey, players can look forward to a game that will leave a lasting impression. Despite the short delay, it is evident that Fool’s Theory and 11 bit studios have prioritized delivering an outstanding game that will captivate and terrify players in equal measure.


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