Former developers of Overwatch 2 recently revealed that story missions were intended to be released every 18 months. However, with the current situation, they are skeptical about the possibility of any new missions being developed. The introduction of story-based PvE missions instead of the planned expansive co-op PvE element did not go as smoothly as expected. Despite the addition of three missions in August 2023, there has been a lack of communication from Blizzard regarding the release of more missions. This uncertainty has left former developers concerned about the fate of the game’s story content.

Former Overwatch 2 developers, speaking anonymously, shared their struggles while working on the game’s story content. They mentioned that each story mission was at varying stages of development, with some fully playable and others still in the conceptual phase. Blizzard had aimed to release three missions every 18 months, but this plan did not materialize as expected. The initial batch of missions did not perform well, failing to meet Blizzard’s expectations in terms of player engagement and reception. The layoffs in the Overwatch 2 team earlier this year added to the challenges faced by the developers.

The former developers highlighted that the release of story missions was hindered by various factors, including leadership decisions and the company’s focus on ‘Blizzard Quality.’ The concept of ‘Blizzard Quality’ was criticized as an excuse for prolonged development cycles, with executives and game directors often pushing for additional time to refine the content. This indecisiveness and constant revisions delayed the game’s release significantly. The adaptation of Overwatch’s gameplay for story missions was also cited as a significant challenge due to the game’s PvP-centric hero kits and emphasis on competitive play.

Uncertain Future of Overwatch 2

While it remains uncertain whether more story missions will be developed for Overwatch 2, the current outlook is bleak. The shift in priorities towards the competitive aspect of the game has overshadowed the development of story content. The lack of updates and communication from Blizzard has added to the uncertainty surrounding the game’s future. Fans and players will have to wait for an official statement from Blizzard to know what lies ahead for Overwatch 2’s story missions.

The challenges faced by former Overwatch 2 developers shed light on the complexities of game development and the obstacles that can arise during the creation of story content. The uncertain future of Overwatch 2’s story missions calls into question the game’s direction and the priorities of its developers. Only time will tell whether the game will overcome these hurdles and deliver the promised content to its players.


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