Black Friday is here, and Lego enthusiasts are in for a treat with some amazing deals on Lego sets. Whether you’re a fan of superheroes, Disney characters, or creative building sets, there’s something for everyone. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the best Black Friday Lego deals available, including the highly sought-after Black Panther bust set.

If you’re a Black Panther fan, then the King T’Challa bust set is a must-have. This impressive Lego build-it-yourself display piece captures the spirit of the Black Panther perfectly. Standing at 18 inches tall, the bust features a Wakanda forever salute and intricate details that make it truly special. With detachable hands and an articulated fingers feature, you can customize your display to your liking. The sturdy base with the attached logo plate adds to the overall appeal of this set. Originally priced at $350, it’s now available for just $210 during the Black Friday sale. However, be sure to grab it quickly, as this set will be discontinued after the promotion ends.

As a bonus, with any Lego Store purchase of $170 or more, you’ll also receive the Winter Market Stall set. This delightful holiday season set is the perfect gift for younger Lego enthusiasts in your social circle. With this deal, you’re not only getting the amazing King T’Challa bust but also a charming addition to your Lego collection.

Aside from the Black Panther bust set, there are plenty of other Lego deals to take advantage of this Black Friday. Here are some notable discounts to look out for:

AF Corese #51

Featuring 1,684 pieces, this Lego set is a great addition to any collection. Originally priced at $200, it’s now available for just $160.

Disney 100th Celebration

Celebrate 100 years of Disney with this special Lego set. With 501 pieces, it’s now discounted from $40 to $24.

100 Years of Disney Animation Icons

This set showcases iconic Disney animation characters in brick form. With 1,022 pieces, it’s now priced at $48 instead of $60.

Table Football

Sports enthusiasts will enjoy building this Lego table football set. Originally priced at $250, it’s now available for $150.

Lego City Double Loop Stunt Arena

Race cars and perform stunts with this exciting Lego City set. With 598 pieces, it’s now discounted from $160 to $96.

Black Friday is the perfect time to expand your Lego collection or treat someone special with a Lego gift. From the impressive Black Panther bust to a variety of other exciting sets, there’s something for every Lego lover. Don’t miss out on these amazing deals and start building your dream Lego collection today!


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