Last month, Nintendo released Super Mario Bros. Wonder, and it has quickly become a sensation. However, while Nintendo may not be offering any discounts on the game, the story on eBay is quite different. You can actually purchase the brand-new game for just $50 during Black Friday 2023. It’s an incredible offer that shouldn’t be missed.

If you’re looking for an even better deal, eBay is also offering a bundle that includes Super Mario Bros. Wonder and a one-year family membership to Nintendo Switch Online for only $60. Essentially, you’re getting the $35 membership for free. This is truly an unbeatable bargain, and it’s no surprise that this bundle is expected to sell out quickly.

You may wonder about the reliability of purchasing from eBay, but fear not! The deal is offered by a Top Rated Plus seller, ensuring high-quality service. Furthermore, eBay provides a money back guarantee along with free returns within 30 days of purchase. Plus, your sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. Wonder will be delivered to you with free shipping. You can’t go wrong with such a fantastic offer.

Considering the upcoming Black Friday sales, one wouldn’t expect Super Mario Bros. Wonder to be discounted to less than $50 anytime soon. In fact, the best discount you could normally expect for a new Nintendo Switch exclusive for at least a few months after launch is usually around $10. So, this offer is truly exceptional.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder follows the tradition of the classic 2D platforming series but introduces a dynamic flair with the addition of Wonder Seeds. These new gameplay mechanics bring unpredictable twists and turns to each stage, making the game even more thrilling and engaging. This release marks the first traditional 2D Mario game by Nintendo since New Super Mario Bros. U, which debuted back in 2012.

Critics have been lavish in their praise of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, hailing it as a delightful and imaginative gaming experience. In the review by Steve Watts on GameSpot, he writes, “Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a bold choice for a name. It plants a flag in the ground that suggests anything less than a constant sense of awe and delight will be a failure by its own terms.” He goes on to emphasize that the game lives up to its name and is truly a modern classic.

The Black Friday deal on Super Mario Bros. Wonder is too good to pass up. Whether you choose to purchase the game alone for $50 or opt for the bundle with a Nintendo Switch Online membership for just $60, you’re in for an amazing gaming experience. The discounted price, combined with the rave reviews from critics, make this offer an unbeatable opportunity for all fans of the Mario franchise. Don’t miss out on this chance to embark on a new adventure with the beloved plumber in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.


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