The news of James Gunn and Peter Safran taking control of DC Studios as co-CEOs brought about significant changes in the cinematic universe. Their announcement of a complete reboot made fans wonder about the fate of upcoming projects, including Wonder Woman 3.

Patty Jenkins, the director of the Wonder Woman franchise, raised doubts about the future of the iconic superhero on the big screen. During an appearance on Max’s Talking Pictures Podcast, Jenkins hinted that Wonder Woman might not be a part of the new DC Universe’s plans at all. She mentioned that Wonder Woman 3 was effectively dead for the time being and possibly forever.

Jenkins also revealed that there was no interest from other directors in taking over the Wonder Woman franchise at the moment. This lack of enthusiasm from potential filmmakers raised further questions about the direction DC Studios would take without the beloved superheroine.

Chris Pine, who starred alongside Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984, shared his thoughts on the cancelled sequel. His comments added to the uncertainty surrounding the future of the franchise and its characters.

Despite the challenges faced by DC Studios under the new leadership, Jenkins expressed empathy for James Gunn and Peter Safran. She acknowledged the daunting task of revitalizing the DC superhero movies and the pressure on the new co-CEOs to steer the universe in a fresh direction.

While Wonder Woman 3 faced an uncertain future, Jenkins disclosed that she was still dedicated to her Star Wars: Rogue Squadron project with Lucasfilm. Even though the film was removed from the studio’s release schedule, Jenkins remained committed to delivering a draft for the Star Wars movie amidst the changes in her schedule.

The future of Wonder Woman 3 remains uncertain as DC Studios undergoes a major reboot under new leadership. Patty Jenkins’ comments and the lack of interest from other directors have cast a shadow of doubt over the fate of the beloved superheroine in the DC Universe. Despite the challenges, Jenkins remains focused on her other projects, including Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, showcasing her versatility and dedication to storytelling across different cinematic universes. Fans can only hope that the iconic Wonder Woman will find her way back to the big screen in the future.


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