Apex Legends Season 19: Ignite is just around the corner, and Respawn Entertainment has taken a surprising and amusing approach with its launch trailer. While previous trailers have focused on showcasing the new legend and their abilities, Season 19’s trailer delivers something entirely different. This time, the launch trailer features a Disney princess-style musical number, complete with a duet between Conduit and the sinister Revenant.

A Unique Trailer Concept

The trailer begins with Mirage, Gibraltar, and Conduit gathered around a table, brainstorming ideas for the upcoming season’s launch trailer. This interesting scene suggests that these trailers are not merely promotional videos but are part of Apex Legends’ canon. It also implies that each new legend has a say in how they are portrayed to the world.

After dismissing a few ideas, Mirage suggests that Conduit takes a more “showy” approach to the trailer. This sets the stage for an absolutely hilarious musical number. The scene shifts to Conduit on Storm Point’s cliff, where she starts belting out a powerful tune. Voice actress Frankie Kevitch impresses with her remarkable vocal talents, demonstrating Conduit’s strength and resilience.

However, as Conduit continues, Revenant unexpectedly appears and joins in the song, showcasing his dark and sinister side. Remarkably, Revenant, despite his demonic voice, manages to hold a tune. The contrast between Conduit’s hopeful lyrics and Revenant’s menacing tone adds an unexpected layer of amusement to the trailer.

Unfortunately, Conduit’s moment of singing glory is interrupted when Revenant stumbles upon their trailer-planning meeting. Clearly displeased, Revenant firmly rejects the idea of being featured in the song. Despite his disapproval, Gibraltar expresses his liking for the musical number, referencing Vanellope Von Schweetz’s solo in Wreck-It Ralph’s sequel.

Conduit proves she can channel her inner Disney princess as she gazes wistfully into a coffee mug, her reflection rippling on the water’s surface. This scene highlights her ability to embody the qualities of a legend while also showcasing her Titan-borne powers. Gibraltar’s question, “What makes you a legend, sista?” prompts Conduit to contemplate her identity and purpose.

Unveiling the Legend’s Abilities

Moving away from the musical interlude, the trailer transitions to a more traditional Apex trailer. It features a catchy song, not sung by Conduit, along with footage of her in action during her first Apex match. This glimpse gives players a taste of her extraordinary abilities.

Conduit exhibits a power similar to Ash’s Arc Snare tactical ability. She freezes enemy squad members, including Ash, in their tracks. Additionally, she seems capable of imbuing her squadmates with a mysterious energy, possibly repairing their shields or providing a temporary hit-point boost. Her impressive shield augmentation allows her team to emerge unscathed from Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder ultimate ability.

However, as the trailer progresses, Conduit experiences a moment of concern. Her hands begin to shake, and electricity courses through her wrists. Gibraltar notices her unease and inquires about her well-being. This subtle moment suggests that Conduit may not be fully in control of her abilities or that there may be potential challenges ahead for her character.

The trailer concludes with an exciting announcement—the upcoming gameplay trailer for Apex Legends Season 19: Ignite will premiere on Thursday, October 26, at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET. As the new season approaches, players can eagerly anticipate learning more about Conduit and her captivating abilities. In the meantime, make sure to complete your Resurrection battle pass and take advantage of the free loot from the Doppelganger Collection Event before the season comes to an end.

Apex Legends Season 19: Ignite introduces a fresh and unexpected twist with its launch trailer. The inclusion of a Disney princess-style musical number, accompanied by Conduit’s captivating vocals and Revenant’s demonic duet, adds a delightful and humorous element to the promotional video. With glimpses into Conduit’s abilities and hints at potential challenges, players have much to anticipate as the new season unfolds.


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