WWE 2K22, a game that was meant to revive the critically derided franchise, is set to have one of the shortest shelf lives for WWE games in recent memory. Despite its importance in the franchise’s modern history, 2K Games has announced that the servers for WWE 2K22 will shut down on January 3, 2024. This decision has left fans frustrated and disappointed, especially considering the incremental upgrade to its successor, WWE 2K23.

One of the major drawbacks of WWE 2K22 is its outdated roster. The game included wrestlers who were no longer with the company even at the time of its release. With the impending shutdown of servers, fans will not only lose access to online modes and community creations but also bid farewell to fan-favorite superstars who have left the WWE. The transition to the newer games in the series will require fans to adapt to a roster that may not capture the same level of excitement and familiarity.

Short Shelf Life with Long-lasting Repercussions

The brief existence of WWE 2K22 in the gaming world, combined with its critical acclaim for fixing the issues of its predecessor, makes its shutdown all the more disappointing. WWE 2K20 was heavily criticized for its buggy nature and endless glitches, leading many to believe it would be the downfall of the franchise. However, WWE 2K22 rose like a phoenix, overhauling gameplay and presentation, and essentially saved the series from the brink. It was hailed as a game-changer by both critics and fans.

Despite the success of WWE 2K22 and its ability to revitalize the franchise, 2K Games has decided to shut down its servers and push players to upgrade to newer releases. While WWE 2K23 is undoubtedly an excellent game, it offers only incremental changes compared to its predecessor. Many fans could have been perfectly satisfied with sticking to WWE 2K22 in the years to come, enjoying the gameplay and content it had to offer. However, the upcoming shutdown has forced players to abandon their loyalty to WWE 2K22 and transition to new games.

The shutdown of WWE 2K22 servers may set a precedent for future releases in the franchise. If 2K Games continues to adopt this approach, it raises concerns about the longevity of future WWE games. Fans invest time and money into building their own creations, participating in online matches, and immersing themselves in the community. To abruptly terminate these services limits the overall gaming experience and may deter loyal fans from continuing their support.

The shutdown of WWE 2K22 servers on January 3, 2024, leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of fans. Despite its success in rejuvenating the franchise, WWE 2K22 will have a disappointingly short lifespan. The loss of online modes, community creations, and the transition to newer games with minimal enhancements leaves fans frustrated and uncertain about the future of the WWE 2K series. It remains to be seen whether 2K Games will reconsider its decision and prioritize the satisfaction of its dedicated fanbase in the future.


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